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Today we are going to talk about hearing loss, one of the 21 disabilities covered by the RPWD ACT 2016.

Hearing is the ability to perceive sounds through the ear. Some people are not able to hear any sound while others can hear sounds at higher levels after amplification.

People who cannot hear or are hard of hearing fall under the parameters of hearing impairment. Not being able to hear can seriously affect a person’s academic and social life.

Deaf people are also not able to speak in most cases, as speech and hearing are interdependent. To form words, we have to hear the sounds and pronunciations they make.

cause and treatment

Hearing loss can occur due to a variety of factors and can be partial or complete. Some common causes of hearing loss are genetics, age, noise exposure, infections, drugs or toxins, injuries.

Hearing loss is diagnosed by hearing tests and the tests are recommended for all newborns.

Treatment for hearing problems depends on their cause, type and severity. Some types of hearing loss can be cured with surgical treatments, cochlear implants while others are incurable. Some people can also hear sounds through the use of technologies such as hearing aids.

“Deaf people want their voices to be heard because they are mostly discriminated against and ignored by policy makers. We want to be treated with equality, respect and dignity and not be isolated by society. Laws made for our protection and well-being must be effectively implemented and we should be part of the mainstream. “Jaysing Kale, the Hon. Secretary, SLAD

Sign language

Deaf people use sign language to communicate with others. To communicate in sign language, hands, arms and facial expressions are used. It is a highly developed form of communication used by deaf people and varies from place to place depending on the local language.

Hearing people also learn sign language and act as interpreters between deaf and hearing communities. Sign language is recognized as an official language in many countries around the world.

Deaf people also use lip reading to understand what others are saying. This is done by looking at the lips of a person who is speaking.

“Deaf people have a lot of potential and talent and all we need is equal opportunity in education and employment. Governments make laws and programs for us, but their benefits do not reach us due to ineffective implementation. ” Rajesh Kulkarni, President, OKVS

Watch in sign language

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