APSO releases latest hearing aid fitting standard


The Audiology Practice Standards Organization (APSO) has announced the release of its latest standard for public review and comment. This standard is called “Standard for Hearing Aids for Pediatric Patients” and describes the work done by audiologists to fit hearing aids for children. This standard is the product of two different groups of subject matter experts comprised of audiologists across the United States.

Any American audiologist can review and comment on the hearing aid fitting standard and all comments are welcome, according to the announcement. The APSO strives to “create standards outlining the core practices of all audiologists, based on evidence and produced with the support of the entire profession”.

APSO standards can be viewed and comments can be submitted at https://www.audiologystandards.org/standards/working.php. APSO encourages reviewers to provide evidence-based comments that include a rationale for changes. The draft standard will be available for public review and comment until April 29.

The Audiology Practice Standards Organization is a not-for-profit professional organization dedicated to developing and maintaining standards of practice in the profession of audiology. The standards are developed by recognized subject matter experts in the field of each standard and are subject to review and comment by all practicing audiologists. The APSO standards documents represent accepted standards of practice for audiologists, as described in peer-reviewed literature. All APSO standards are freely available to audiologists and the public. For more information on APSO or to view a standard, visit: https://www.audiologystandards.org/.

APSO is a community of audiologists who believe that the development and adoption of standards of practice are essential to the future growth of the profession. As a 501(c)(6) nonprofit APSO, it must be a member. Members are active in the organization and wish to support the activities of the APSO, both financially and by donating their time and expertise. Members are eligible to run for office on the APSO Board of Directors. If you are not currently a member, the APSO would appreciate your support. You can join the APSO by visiting its membership page.

Source: APSO

Picture: APSO and © Mathias Rosenthal | Dreamstime.com


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