Bebop Shop review: Hearing aid clip straps for kids to keep aids secure

  1. Bebop Shop Hearing Aids / Cochlear Implant Cord

When my son was a baby he got his first pair of hearing aids and I was afraid of losing them. They’re custom-fitted, programmed for her degree of hearing loss, expensive, and her little hands loved taking them off.

As he grew older, he inadvertently dropped one when running around a playground, rolling in a foam pit during gym class, or even just hanging around the house. I often watched him play and regularly checked that he still had both hearing aids on him.

I was beyond excited when I found the Bebop Shop on Etsy. They sell custom designed safety clips for hearing aid wearers. If one fell, it was still attached to the lanyard and hung down his back. I knew those times when our whole family scoured the ground or retraced our steps in search of technology not much larger than a quarter, were over.

About Bebop Shop hearing aid cords

The Bebop Shop on Etsy aims to help you “secure your sound”. The site was created by a mom who knows from first-hand experience how difficult it can be to track hearing aids. A clip attached to two cords secures the hearing aids to the wearer’s shirt while attractive felt patterns allow for individualism and self-expression.

Whether the user has one or two hearing aids, one or two cochlear implants or a Baha, users can find a model to suit them.

What I like

The product is strong and durable

The hearing aid clip is strong, but easy to open. Jelly cords have clear plastic bands that easily expand and then tighten to fit securely around the hearing aid. Ours have lasted for years without having to be replaced.

We bought two and swapped depending on my son’s mood that day. I also carried one in my purse in case I forgot to strap it on in the morning and we met at the gym later in the afternoon.

There are many style and color choices

On the left, butterfly ear hearing aid clip.  On the right, a child wearing a hearing aid clip.

Credit: EarSavers / Bebop Shop

If your child has a Disney hero or even prefers their favorite color, Bebop has an array of options.

From bugs and butterflies to flowers and hearts to princesses and superheroes, you can easily find one or two your child will love.

As well as having fun choosing your child’s favorite clip, there are nearly 20 color choices for the wristband, so it can either blend in (we chose beige) or stand out in a fun way. (bubble-gum pink, sky blue and sun). are several fun colors among many others).

The bands are clear, so they don’t draw attention to the chosen color of the hearing aid, meaning if your little one is thrilled to have purple hearing aids, the clip won’t won’t stop him from having fun.

You can’t beat the price

At a base price of under $20, you can’t go wrong. The shop also sells a replacement cord for a few dollars.

What I do not like

On the left is the Baby Yoda hearing aid clip.  On the right is a child wearing a hearing aid clip attached to a sports collar.

Credit: Bebop Shop

These hearing aid clips are perfect for toddlers, but tweens and teens can opt for a more mature design.

It was great when my son was younger, but as he’s grown the characters are a little too juvenile, and there’s a limited selection for teenagers (something the owner said she plans to tackle in a close future). They sell a sports collar, which I haven’t tried yet but will be ordering soon.

Should I buy it?

Superman themed hearing aid clips perched on a wooden crate.

Credit: Bebop Shop

Bebop’s clips help your little ones secure all their necessary hearing aids.


If you have a little one with hearing aids, cochlear implants, or another hearing aid, you need one or a few. I haven’t found many other fasteners on the market that are both sturdy and fashionable. The owner responds quickly to questions and the website is clear and easy to follow.

These clips also attract attention in a positive way. Children were often drawn to the cute character on my son’s shirt and engaged in conversation. A win-win for my son, his friend, and me, his mom.

Buy the Bebop Shop

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  1. Bebop Shop Hearing Aids / Cochlear Implant Cord


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