Beltone raises awareness about hearing loss


DENNIS – Beltone from New England is raising awareness of her mission to help people with hearing loss across the region.

Beltone is a national company specializing in hearing aids and personalized testing for people with hearing loss.

According to Michael Andreozzi, CEO of Beltone New England, hearing loss is caused by a multitude of factors ranging from age, exposure to loud noises, hereditary factors, earwax build-up or prolonged use of listeners.

Hearing loss affects a wide range of people, with one in eight people over the age of twelve and one in four adults over the age of fifty suffering from it.

“We see hearing loss not only in adults, we see it in a lot of young people because of exposure to loud sounds and how noisy the world we live in these days,” said Andreozzi.

Hearing loss is associated with feelings of loneliness, depression and antisocial behavior, but despite the difficulties it causes, only about 30% of people with hearing loss use a hearing aid.

Various tests are available to assess hearing loss such as hearing canal range and imaging, and speech and rate tests.

“Once we’ve assessed the type of hearing loss you have, you can have a lot of options. But you don’t know what your hearing loss looks like until you test it, ”said Andreozzi,“ and what’s unique about hearing loss is that it looks like a fingerprint, all the time. world is a little different.

There have been major advancements in hearing aid technology in recent years, with many aids using customizable options to accommodate various social settings and targeted audio receptors that can isolate nearby people in the conversation and eliminate background noise using Bluetooth and GPS technologies in discreet ear cups.

“These are just a few of the amazing things we have built into our hearing aids,” said Andreozzi. “It’s not just an everyday device anymore, it’s become a very sophisticated product that has a lot of features and really benefits people better than they could ever have imagined.”

To learn more about the products and services provided by Beltone, click here.

By, Matthew Tomlinson, NewsCenter


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