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What are the best hunting hearing aids?

There are a few things you can take with you when you go hunting that will increase your chances of success. Deer or predator calls still work well, as do scent markers and bait. But like your prey’s super-sensitive ears, you’ll also need to be alert to what’s going on around you.

A flapping leaf or a rustle in the brush is a subtle clue. A hunting hearing aid like Walker’s Game Ear Raptor can dramatically increase your situational awareness and help you pick up quiet foot traffic through the forest.

What to know before buying hunting hearing aids

The rifle used and the size of the hearing aid

Thinking of getting a hearing aid or booster for hunting? There are a few things you need to consider. The most important are the rifle used and the size of the hearing aid. When you shoulder the rifle, your ear will be close to the stock. Wearing bulky hearing aids can hamper your ability to aim. Hearing aids that look like headphones are great for handguns and archery, but for rifles, a thinner behind-the-ear aid will be best.

Amplification of sounds

There are several types of hearing aids for hunting, and you need to determine the type of sound amplification you are looking for. Do you want to improve all the sounds around you or only the ambient sound? Hearing amplifiers isolate certain frequencies so you can pick up game calls and quiet movement.

Volume control and connectivity

The majority of hunting hearing aids will have the ability to adjust the volume on the device. Additionally, most can connect to a mobile device via Bluetooth so you can receive and make phone calls, listen to weather reports and other notices.

What to Look for in Quality Hunting Hearing Aids

Background noise suppression

When hunting you should be as quiet as possible with little interference from equipment or humans. But unfortunately, we can’t tune our hearing to eliminate background noise. This is where a quality hunting hearing aid will do. By removing as much background noise as possible, the hearing aid can enhance sounds that are in your immediate vicinity, increasing your reaction time and allowing for better shot planning.

Shot protection and whistle cancellation

By design, hunting hearing aids amplify the sounds around you. But it will be devastating to your eardrums if the gunshot is also amplified. The same goes for the high pitch of a whistle or game call. A quality hunting hearing aid will have the ability to block out (or at least suppress) gunshots and whistles. If you don’t have a hunting hearing aid that can do this, you’ll need to turn it off before shooting.

Long battery life

Like most tech gadgets, they run on rechargeable batteries. When hunting, you won’t always be able to charge your hunting hearing aid quickly. A quality hunting hearing aid will have a battery strong enough to last a few hours. In the worst case, the hunting hearing aid should be able to recharge fairly quickly.

How much you can expect to spend hunting for hearing aids

The average price of a hunting audience will depend on the technology and the manufacturer. Entry-level hunting hearing aids sell for between $40 and $60. More sophisticated hearing aids with noise cancellation can cost between $100 and $200.

Hunting Hearing Aid FAQs

Can you use a regular hearing aid for hunting?

A. You can, but it probably won’t have the same effects as hunting hearing aids. The quality of sounds will also be compromised, as hunting hearing aids enhance ambient sounds while diminishing others.

What is the NRR of a hearing aid?

A. Simply put, the NRR stands for the noise reduction rating of the hearing aid. This is a rating assigned to the hearing aid based on the number of decibels it is able to block or reduce. The higher the number, the better protection it will provide. The highest NRR you can achieve is the combination of earplugs and earmuffs, and that’s usually in the mid-30s. With guns firing well over 100 decibels, you want a number approaching the low 30s to keep that decibel as low as possible.

What are the best hunting hearing aids to buy?

Top hunting hearing aid

Walker’s Game Ear Raptor

What do you want to know: These aids are a great solution for improving the ambient sounds around you while hunting.

What you will love: This hunting hearing aid uses bone conduction technology to transmit sounds. You don’t have headphones in your ears, so ambient sounds are amplified and sent to your eardrums through your skull. It also has an omnidirectional microphone and volume control, so you can take calls or listen to music.

What you should consider: The Ear Raptor runs on a rechargeable battery, so you need to make sure it’s always charged.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Top hunting hearing aid for the money

Walker's Game Ultra Ear

Walker’s Game Ultra Ear

What do you want to know: They are similar in design to medical hearing aids, but they are good at picking up ambient noise.

What you will love: Taking the form of normal hearing aids, they are designed for beginner users who might not be comfortable with more sophisticated systems. The hearing aid can be worn on either ear and fits comfortably behind the earlobe. It features adjustable tone and volume and a smooth compression circuit that muffles gunshots. It comes with three batteries.

What you should consider: Some users have found that they fall out of their ears easily and aren’t the best at picking up human speech.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods

Worth checking out

Pro Ears Electronic Hearing Protection and Amplification

Pro Ears Electronic Hearing Protection and Amplification

What do you want to know: If you need solid protection and amplification, these are the ones for you.

What you will love: With a noise reduction rating of 30, these hearing protection headphones will protect your ears from loud gunfire. But the great thing about them is that they also use Dynamic Sound Compression (DLSC) so you can clearly hear the softer sounds around you with up to eight times amplification. It has an adjustable headband, thick foam padding and low battery indicators. The volume can be adjusted on each individual earbud.

What you should consider: They are quite expensive which might put them out of reach for many.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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