Book a FREE 15-minute Boots hearing test – here’s how


WHETHER you have hearing problems or just want a checkup, getting a periodic hearing test is always a good idea.

Hearing Boots offers a quick and free 15-minute hearing check in UK stores.


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  • Book a free Boots Hearingcare checkup here

The convenient and simple check is the fastest and easiest way to know if you hear well.

During the simple free verification, a Hearing Boots expert will test a number of things to give you a good indication of whether you have hearing problems.

The expert will first check the health of your ears and then perform some simple tests to see if you can hear well.

You will also be offered advice on how to hear better.

If there are signs of hearing loss, the Boots Hearingcare expert will invite you back for a longer, more in-depth 75 minute test.

You can book a free test here now.

Should I take a hearing test?

Hearing loss affects one in six people in the UK.

Boots advises anyone over 50 to have their ears and hearing checked every two years.

Because hearing loss is often gradual, it is crucial to regularly monitor the health of your ears and your hearing ability.

Here are some signs of hearing loss that you should not ignore:

  • The TV is too loud for other members of your family.
  • You find it difficult to follow conversations when there is background noise.
  • Talking on the phone is tricky even when the room is quiet.
  • You feel like people mumble a lot and you have to ask them to repeat what they said.

Book a free Boots Hearingcare check here and collect 200 Boots Advantage points.


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