Can you hear that? Free do-it-yourself hearing test available now



A quick, private phone call can serve as a simple screening test for hearing loss. (Photo by Star-Ledger file)

(Photo by Star-Ledger file)

Almost everyone has someone in their family who says “What?” at least 20 times a day – but resists seeing a doctor about her hearing.

These people can get a private hearing assessment through a do-it-yourself hearing test they can do it from home.

The test takes about 10 minutes and simply involves calling a toll-free number from a landline. It is best to be in a quiet room to take the test.

The results remain private, given only to the user.

The test, developed by researchers affiliated with Indiana University with a federal grant, normally costs $5. It is free throughout the month of May as these costs are covered by Duracell.

The test consists of listening to three numbers spoken with different levels of background noise. Listeners respond by typing in the numbers they heard. If they answer correctly, the next set of numbers will be accompanied by more background noise. If their answer is incorrect, the background noise level will be reduced.

A spokesperson for the National hearing test said that over the past few years, around 80% of people who have taken the test have been found to have some level of hearing loss.

The number to call is 1-844-938-7223.

As soon as the test is complete, the results for each ear will be communicated by telephone.

“Research shows that early identification of hearing loss leads to better quality of life and greater success with hearing aids,” said Dr. Charles Watson, Chief Scientist of the National Hearing Test in the United States. and Professor Emeritus of the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences. at Indiana University, Bloomington.

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