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Did you know that if you have contributed to PRSI in your working life, even though you are now retired, there is a high probability that you and your dependent spouse will be eligible for the free hearing aid?

The application process is quick and easy, with the department paying the full cost of privately purchased hearing aids up to a value of €1,000. Additionally, you can also use your grant as part payment towards the purchase of one of our other rechargeable/bluetooth hearing aids such as Phonak Paradise, Unitron Blu or Signia AX.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the plan:

Question: Who is eligible for the grant?

To respond; Anyone who has paid the full PRSI during their working life should qualify even if they are now retired. This includes independent AND dependent spouses, civil partners, cohabitants, including widows/widowers.

Question: How can I check if I am eligible and then how can I apply for the grant?

To respond: The quickest and easiest way to check is to contact us at Carlow Hearing. As a panel of the Department of Social Protection[1]lists, we can conduct an online eligibility survey and notify you of the outcome within minutes. If you are a successful applicant, we also apply for the grant on your behalf.

  1. Q. How soon can I take a hearing test and be fitted with hearing aids?
  2. Our Carlow Hearing clinic is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm so we can give you an immediate appointment for a hearing test. Hearing aids are then usually delivered within 10 working days.
  3. If I already have hearing aids with a medical card (HSE) or am currently on the HSE waiting list, can I or my dependent spouse still benefit from PRSI hearing aids?
  4. If you have made the required PRSI contributions, you will most likely be eligible for the grant, regardless of whether you belong to the HSE system.
  5. What are the guarantees for the quality of the hearing aids and what do they look like? Is there a warranty and what about tracking?
  6. Our hearing aids are designed and manufactured by the world’s leading manufacturers. They are all extremely discreet and comfortable to wear. The majority are backed by a 4-year warranty and serviced by owner/audiologist Donal Keane FdSc HAA MISHAA.
  7. Q. If I have already received a PRSI hearing aid, am I eligible for a new aid?
  8. Yes, you become eligible for a new grant every 4 years. If you call us, we can confirm this on your behalf.
  9. What should I do next?
  10. A. Give us a call at Carlow Hearing or visit the dedicated hearing aid center at Hanover House, Carlow Town. We are conveniently located directly opposite Aldi, Hannover.

Carlow Hearing are independent Irish hearing care professionals. We opened our first hearing center in Carlow (as Leinster Hearing) in 2015. We are Department of Social Care panelists and members of ISHAA. We provide a FREE hearing test and supply a wide range of some of the best hearing aids in the world. Our clinic is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Carlow Hearing, Unit C Hanover House, Hanover Road, Carlow Town. R93 V2T4

Tel: 059 9137670 / 087 1184185 Visit our website:


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