Choosing a hearing aid isn’t easy, especially if it’s your first time. They come in all sizes and all levels of technology.

The first factor is whether your hearing problem is mild to severe. What happens next? What do you want your personal hearing aid to do – and what should it look like?

What should my hearing aid look like?

While some prefer to show off their new hearing aid, others prefer it not to attract too much attention. You can choose your style, color and size (depending on your specific hearing loss).

Do I go out or stay often?

Lifestyles are so different, and that’s why hearing aids are too. If you prefer to go out, you’ll be exposed to a lot of background noise, which is often the place where people have the most difficulty following a conversation. You need to get a hearing aid that reduces background noise and improves speech. It might not be that important if you are more inclined to stay at home, quietly read a book, or have a tea party chat with a friend.

Do I want to stream music or TV directly to my hearing aid?

If you are a smartphone user, you will appreciate Bluetooth hearing aids. Many hearing aids today offer 2.4 GHz Bluetooth connectivity.

Do I want to use my smartphone to manage my hearing aid?

Today’s hearing aids can do more than just amplify sound. In fact, you can get apps for your smartphone that will help you personalize your listening experience using artificial intelligence.

Am I having trouble hearing low sounds?

Loud sounds are usually not hard for any of us to hear, but softer sounds like birdsong, the rustling of a newspaper, or maybe even soft voices you should find a hearing aid with. a good capacity for those soft ambient sounds.

What is my working environment?

There is a big difference between working on a construction site or in a theater or office. Having said that, your office could be noisy! Do you need a hearing aid that dramatically reduces unwanted background noise? Do you need one that captures mellow sounds or captures acoustics in large rooms?

Where do I most often need to hear the best?

Some hearing aids will offer features that are ideal for sports; others may be better for concerts. And some hearing aids can do almost everything!

Now how do I start…?

Start by taking a quick and free online test here: If you have reduced hearing, a hearing care professional can help answer your questions and find the best solution for you.


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