Christian Artist Overcomes Her Hearing Loss to Perform and Prepares to Share Her Testimony | New


GATLINBURG — Sherry Anne overcame adversity with hearing and speech disabilities to excel in life, but it wasn’t until she found faith that she felt complete.

She is among several speakers and performers who will be taking part in upcoming events in Sevier County this month, including Family Fest at the Gatlinburg Convention Center, a three-day event that will feature a number of performers, including the Gaither Vocal Band and many other gospel performers.

Sherry Anne said that as a child she struggled early in school and had behavioral issues until her bilateral hearing and speech impairments were discovered, first by a school nurse, then by doctors who treated her. After receiving hearing aids and help for her speech impediment, she began working to overcome the stigma and bullying she experienced at an early age.

She quickly discovered that the successes she had in life and all that she had overcome were not enough, and she asked God what the purpose of it all was. It was then that she heard him tell her how he had sacrificed his life for her.

“If the God who created the universe could love me enough to lay down his life for me, I had to accept that that’s my value, my value,” Sherry Anne said. “It was really a big turning point for me not to do so much but to be what he called me to be.”

“I said take what you gave me, take my abilities and my disabilities to help others.”

She said her experiences are the reason she focuses her message on self-esteem.

Prior to Gaither Family Fest, Sherry Anne will also perform at 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 25 at Zion Hill Baptist Church, 206 Zion Hill Church Road. She will also perform with Tori Gay and The Hagers at 2 p.m. at The Music Junction Concert Hall, 202 Williams St., Seymour. Free entry.


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