Cobb Hearing Aid Services Launches Latest Cutting-Edge Hearing Tests


Since 1998, Cobb Hearing Aid Services has been helping patients treat and resolve their hearing problems. The company has consistently provided the highest level of service and the highest quality hearing aids from multiple manufacturers to ensure that every patient receives the care they deserve.


(Marietta, Georgia) – According to recent studies, approximately 35 million Americans live with some form of hearing loss. This figure reflects a 9% increase in the prevalence of hearing loss in just three years. Of those with hearing loss, more than 25 million do not have a hearing aid. Many do not realize the extent of their hearing loss for a variety of reasons, including onset. In light of the growing number of people with hearing loss, Otis Whitcomb of Cobb Hearing Aid Services has launched the local company’s advanced line of hearing tests in Marietta.

“Far too many people are currently living with some form of hearing loss,” Whitcomb said. “In most cases, these problems can be alleviated or resolved with the right hearing aids and support services. Getting the care and equipment that patients need starts with a hearing test. Hearing loss can come in many forms and severities, which is why we offer a range of tests to determine the potential cause of each patient’s hearing loss, the range affected and the degree of the problem. Once we have identified all of these factors, we can develop an effective treatment plan tailored to the unique needs of the patient in question.

In addition to hearing tests, the company offers hearing aids in Marietta. Products are available in a range of styles and models from the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers. The hearing correction needs of patients vary widely depending on the causes of their hearing loss and other factors. So the right solution for one person may not be right for another. Cobb Hearing Aid Services works with patients on an individual basis to determine and meet their specific needs.

Devices may also require a routine cleaning hearing aids in Marietta, which is another service provided by the company. Moisture, earwax, dust and other elements can prevent hearing aids from working as well as they should and damage their internal components. Regular cleaning helps prevent loss of sound quality and functionality.

Whitcomb concluded: “At Cobb Hearing Aid Services, we don’t want anyone who suffers from unnecessary hearing loss. We’re here to help make sure they don’t have to. From state-of-the-art hearing tests to personalized care for each patient, we strive to provide a superior level of service. Those who believe that they or a loved one is suffering from hearing loss are encouraged to make an appointment with us to learn more about how we can help them hear the world more clearly.

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