Do you know someone who needs a hearing aid but can’t afford it?


In an unusual move and for the second time in 2022, the Gift of Hearing program run by Hear Well Be Well is accepting nominations for people who need hearing aids but cannot obtain them due to financial constraints or difficulties. other barriers.

“Normally, nominations for the Hearing Gift are accepted once a year,” explained Kathleen Tiede, co-CEO of Hear Well Be Well with her husband, John Tiede. “This year, with so many people still trying to get back on their feet after the COVID closures and with the inflation situation, we are delighted to be able to offer a second nomination period in the hope of providing hearing aids to people in need time for their holiday celebrations.

Through Hear Well Be Well’s Gift of Hearing program and with the support of Signia, one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers, five people in Ontario will be accepted into the program to receive a free hearing test along with their hearing aids. , tracking and service, all free of charge.

“Signia is helping millions of people around the world regain and enjoy the miracle of hearing,” said Brian Beatty, Vice President of Marketing for WS Audiology Canada Inc. Signia is a brand of WS Audiology. “With our goal of providing wonderful sound for all, we’re thrilled to partner with Hear Well Be Well in this endeavor to give back to the community to help those in need of hearing care!”

“And as a family business, the health of our communities is important to us,” added John Tiede. “We have a long history of giving back both locally and abroad, and the Gift of Hearing program has been part of that since 2013.”

John and Kathleen Tiede created the Gift of Hearing program in 2013 to help those in need of better hearing. Since its inception, many families in southwestern and central Ontario have benefited. The latest in hearing aid technology, all related services and professional time are all offered.

“Hearing is so important. And these types of programs are extremely important to a community. It’s important to take care of each other,” said Francis Richardson, former mayor of Meaford, Ont., and one of this year’s Spring Gift of Hearing nominees.

Michael Lindsay of Shelburne, Ontario was a recipient of the Gift of Hearing spring program. He was nominated by his wife, who acknowledged that his hearing loss was affecting his relationship with their children.

“I have four children, three of whom are autistic, and I need to hear from them,” Lindsay explained. “It’s going to change my life dramatically – to be able to hear again.

“I will be both a better husband and a better father because I won’t be as frustrated and I won’t miss anything,” Lindsay added.

In the spring of 2022, Gift of Hearing selected recipients from Meaford, Shelburne and London, ON. Each recipient had a different story and a different need. Even their hearing loss came from different impacts on their lives.

“We’ve had recipients with hearing loss caused by domestic violence, loud music, cochlea deformed from birth, as well as the normal wear and tear of life,” noted Kathleen Tiede. “The nomination review committee has a very difficult job selecting recipients from the nominations we receive.”

Applications are accepted through or in person at all 13 clinics across Ontario. Individuals and organizations can nominate someone with hearing loss. Applicants must be at least 19 years old and able to come to one of the clinics in person for testing, fitting and care.

“Hearing loss can put a strain on the person who has it and it also has an impact on their relationships with others. It can even affect employment or chances of advancement at work,” explained John Tiede. “Not being able to hear conversations can be very isolating. Constantly asking people to repeat themselves or having the TV on so loudly that others in the room flinch affect everyone.

Applications for the Gift of Hearing program will be accepted until November 15 at www.cadeaud’ouï Selected finalists will be contacted in early December to arrange a hearing test.

About Hear Well Be Well

Hear Well Be Well is a family owned business with 13 locations across Ontario. They have been helping people with hearing loss for over 35 years with their unique hearing assessments, the most innovative hearing technologies and respectful after-sales service. Hear Well Be Well operates the Gift of Hearing program in Ontario Canada and provides hearing health care at Hope Village, Rwanda, a residence for children who survived the genocide.

For more information on the Spring 2022 Gift of Hearing recipients, visit

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