Eargo 6: a modern adaptable hearing aid



Hearing aids have traditionally had a bad reputation: clunky, tiny, impractical and expensive. As a result, millions of Americans with hearing loss have come to expect a poor hearing aid experience on the course.

But as innovation brings continuous improvements to everything from smartphones in our pockets to smartwatches on our wrists, why haven’t hearing aids kept pace?

That’s the question that drives Eargo, a medical device company whose mission is to improve the quality of life of people with hearing loss. This mission begins with a commitment to deliver the best possible hearing experience to their customers, through cutting-edge technology and a culture of constant improvement.

Enter the Eargo 6, the company’s latest model and its most advanced device to date.

Sound that fits your world

Introduced at the tech-focused Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2022, the Eargo 6 incorporates the latest technology to reduce background noise and deliver clear, high-quality sound.

At the heart of its breakthrough performance is Sound Adjust, an intelligent algorithm that identifies the soundscape you’re in and automatically changes device settings to deliver optimal benefit. For noisy environments, that means automatically reducing background distractions, allowing speech to come through more clearly. Read quietly alone at home instead? Sound Adjust technology adapts accordingly to prevent every turn of the page from becoming an ear canal crushing experience.

A far cry from the finicky hearing aids of yore, the Eargo 6 makes traveling easier by automatically making all the fine adjustments so you can focus on the sounds and voices that matter most.

Make friends with water again

Water and electronics are natural enemies, that is, once upon a time. Today the Eargo 6 has been tested with an IPX-7 water resistance rating which means it is fully submersible up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. So in the rare event that you forget to take them off before taking a shower, or if you unknowingly place them on a wet surface, you can find comfort in knowing that they’ll be fine.

All day comfort

Ideally, a hearing aid should fade into the background, disappearing into a frictionless experience that brings the world closer together and makes it more alive. Comfort is necessarily part of this equation, and the Eargo 6 delivers. The patented medical-grade silicone petal tips are available in two sizes and two styles to minimize discomfort and maximize a luxurious in-ear feel.

These tips don’t just do you good; they also offer versatile options for an overall fit. Closed petals minimize sound leakage and reduce feedback, though the trade-off here is higher occlusion (this usually results in a sound experience that some feel is less natural). Open petals are less occlusive than closed petals, making them a better option for those looking for a more natural listening experience.

Even better? The Eargo 6 is designed for virtual invisibility, so you can enjoy the benefits of better hearing without making it a distracting part of your appearance. It is the smallest rechargeable intra-canal hearing aid on the market.

Remote assistance, adapted to you

Every Eargo 6 comes with lifetime support, connecting you with hearing care professionals via phone, video, call and text, wherever you are. These certified hearing care professionals support you every step of your hearing journey.

Stay energized

Nothing ruins a day like a hearing aid that runs out of juice. For all-day power, the Eargo 6 turns to Varta® microbattery technology, which puts powerful battery life in a small package. With up to 16 hours of continuous use per charge and a portable charging case for on-the-go charging, the Eargo 6 lets you stay out longer and focus on the experiences, conversations, and people making the most of it. life.

Starting at $2,950, the Eargo 6 puts the latest hearing technology, comfort and ease of use at your service to deliver an exceptional experience. For a limited time, you can get the Eargo 6 for just $2,650, which is a massive savings of $300. With financing available for as little as $85 per month (on sale), lifetime service, and a two-year warranty, the Eargo 6 just might be calling your name.


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