French motorist fined €135 for hearing aid mistaken for hands-free gadget


A driver in northeast France has been shocked to receive a €135 fine for carrying an audio device while driving, when the device was actually a medical hearing aid.

Dominique Moret, 53, from Saint-Quentin (Aisne), was fined a center from Rennes, and had three points cut from his license for the alleged offense of “driving a vehicle with port of a device that emits sound in the ear”. .

But Mr. Moret has hearing difficulties and wears hearing aids in both ears. The device allegedly seen by the police was this, not a banned sound-emitting gadget.

The national police said they found the alleged offense on April 7, rue du Jeu-de-Paume in Saint-Quentin, at 12:17 p.m.

But Mr Moret said he had never been “stopped by the police” and had never even seen a police officer that day.

He says he will challenge the fine and claims he was the victim of a police misunderstanding.

At the beginning of May, he wrote to the public prosecutor to contest the fine. He also included evidence of his hearing problems and use of hearing aids, including an invoice for his hearing aids and a photograph of them to show how they could have been mistaken for a “sound emitting device”. .

It is illegal to use headsets, headsets or hands-free headsets for the purpose of using a mobile phone while driving in France, including in a car or van, motorbike or bicycle.

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