(FREQ) – Frequency Therapeutics Hearing Loss Candidate Shows Better Perception of Speech in Noise

  • Therapeutic Frequency Inc (NASDAQ: FREQ) shared the results of its study FX-322-113 on FX-322 in severe sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL).
  • The Phase 1b study, FX-322, was associated with an auditory signal, as shown by improvements in four subjects in a sentence-in-noise test.
  • In study FX-322-113, improvements in the BKB-SIN test were seen in four subjects, all of which exceeded the 95% critical difference of 3.1 dB SNR, with two subjects exhibiting a 6 dB response .
  • Only one patient on placebo experienced a 3.6 dB change.
  • In the study, subjects did not show substantial changes in measures of speech perception in calm. The safety profile of the study was favorable and no serious treatment-related adverse events were reported.
  • BKB-SIN is a validated test designed for severe SNHL populations, measuring the change in signal-to-noise ratios required for a subject to correctly repeat the words in a sentence.
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  • Price action: FREQ stock is up 3.00% to $ 5.68 during the last check trading session on Thursday.

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