From Hearing Impairment to Entrepreneur: How Vincent Keefe Overcame Life’s Challenges to Build a Diverse Business


The business world requires the art of understanding the intricacies and fine-tuning the nuances. Starting a business involves responding to demands and properly settling assigned cases. Many businessmen have attributed this feat to listening carefully to their mentors. But what if one has not been bestowed with this gift? Does this prevent you from realizing your dream of being an entrepreneur?

Vinson Keefe faced with this dilemma. He grew up with a hearing loss in one of his ears that shattered his world. This disability derailed his youthful years, affecting his studies and causing him to lose interest in academics.

The problem escalated as he ventured into the business world. Many networking sessions did not materialize because he could not hear and communicate effectively. In his own words, he was afraid of being called ignorant in meetings, as he could not hear what was being said properly.

refusing to back down, Keefe saw this impairment as an avenue to work harder and a test of her resilience. He started to read body signals and developed a knack for processing non-verbal gestures to understand the person in front of him. He has developed a natural flair for what he calls Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help and correctly understand the person in front of him. Interestingly, it was the understanding of these small details or unconscious ticks that helped Keefe create a personality of the people he met and helped him judge them correctly.

This came in handy when he had to form a team to push his vision forward. He says these clues helped him identify the right group of people who would take his business to the next level.

While life seemed difficult at first, he admits his courage brought people together. He said: “I had to stay true to myself and everyone around me. Staying resilient and working quietly allowed me to work harder and slowly earned the respect of my peers. helped to stay positive and keep your feet on the ground.”

It is this perseverance that has helped him build a business world with multiple tangents. It all started with him owning a bubble tea shop then turned to him acquire a multi-million dollar property – Selegie Center – in Singapore’s highly competitive real estate market.

He also intends to delve deeper into the hospitality industry which he says is in full swing thanks to his deal with the Marriott hotel group. He has also created new era technology companies from scratch, such as the virtual reality game company. New World Carnival and cryptography-based NFT gallery. These have become one of the biggest players in their respective fields.

The wisdom that helped shape Vinson Keefe

Building a multi-tiered business, from real estate to crypto, has been difficult for Keefe. He told the publication that he has always kept an open mind to new ventures while remaining committed to his goals.

Keefe is also a strong proponent of time management, referring to time as money. In the same breath, he qualifies the ability to maintain a good work-life balance as having won half the battle in the fight.

For Keefe, it was very important to delve into the smallest details and take into account everyone’s opinion. Keefe says it’s always been those little details that have eluded him due to his disability. He further says that this rarity helped him understand the importance of details and has since helped him scale his business to new heights.

It was also his disability that helped him gain a different perspective in life. Keefe goes to great lengths not to judge the person in front of him too quickly. “I stay more impartial and try to understand the person well. Don’t judge too quickly and stay focused on the idea. Once that’s done, trust can be built over time. I’m glad I instilled that habit to me over time.”

Meanwhile, Keefe is determined to build his empire and diversify it. He intends to stay true to his dream and that means being “fearless”. For him, fearlessness means being transparent and sincere with everyone. As the fight continues, Keefe continues to move cautiously towards the next stage of life and business while making a name for itself across the world.


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