GN Store Nord and EIB sign EUR 75 million loan to support hearing aid R&D in Denmark


Danish hearing aid innovator GN Store Nord has signed a € 75 million loan agreement with the European Investment Bank (EIB). Long-term funding will be used to fund a corporate R&D project at GN Hearing, increasing GN’s know-how in hearing aid technology for all types of hearing loss, including its expertise in chipsets, improved form factors, rechargeability and connectivity.

The products and services developed as a result of the project will improve the social inclusion of people with hearing loss. It is also believed that hearing aids can delay the onset of dementia[i], which makes LARP research doubly important given the aging of the European population. The research financed by the EIB loan will be carried out mainly in Denmark and, to a small extent, in the Netherlands.

“Supporting cutting-edge research in hearing health by a European company also means safeguarding technology and know-how. said Christian Kettel Thomsen, Vice-President of the EIB. “In turn, the EIB supports, directly and indirectly, economic growth and jobs in Europe. Apart from that, GN Store Nord and the EIB have a long-standing relationship which we are happy to continue. Their hearing solutions can be an important factor for social inclusion and undoubtedly improve people’s lives, which is also the core mission of the EIB. “


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