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PROVIDED PHOTO The storefront of the Hear the Birds Hearing Aid Center, at 306 North Grove Street in Lock Haven, will soon reach a full decade of operation in Clinton County.

LOCK HAVEN — Jeff Bayliff, owner of Hear the Birds Hearing Aid Center at 306 North Grove Street in Lock Haven, is thrilled with a milestone for his growing business.

“This fall, I will be celebrating my tenth year in business here in Clinton County! I will announce this fact in September but I wanted to use this article in the “Progress“editing to tell people about my impending milestone,” said Jeff.

Jeff is always keen to remind readers of the history of his clinic and the healthy growth it has experienced over the years.

“I incorporated as Bayliff Hearing Services, LCC with the State in September 2009. I was in Hollidaysburg and served as the Director of Hearing Services for fourteen ophthalmologists combined, at three locations in Blair Counties and Lancaster,” he said. “I was testing the hearing of all their eye patients, about 30,000 people. I was a sub to ophthalmologists who kept their eye practices separate but formed a single LCC to sell hearing aids.

Asked about his transition to Lock Haven, Bayliff said: “Sam’s Club enticed me to join their team in early 2012 with a promise to give me the State College store when they opened a hearing aid center the following year. I was sent to Philadelphia where the business was good, but I didn’t like living in the big city and it’s traffic jams!

Sam’s Club delayed State College’s hearing aid center for a year, and Jeff had to make a decision.

“I really didn’t want to make a long-term commitment to living in Philadelphia. Also, I had started a long distance relationship by phone and mail with my future wife, Tanya Boone. When we started dating in September 2012, I found accommodation with friends in Jersey Shore and got a job as a coach driver for Susquehanna Trailways to Harrisburg, Elmira and, yes, back in Philadelphia. I started, “Hear the Birds Hearing Aid Center“part-time then on my rotating days off,” said Jeff.

After two years of circumstances unfolding to bring Jeff back into hearing aids full time.

“Sam’s Club finally offered me the hearing aid clinic at their location at State College. I was hesitant because I now had nearly 100 patients in my practice in Lock Haven and didn’t want to leave them without customer service. Normally I should have made a choice, but the regional management of Sam’s Club offered a compromise. Jeff explained. “They had a 25-mile no-competition zone around each store. I was 36 miles away at Lock Haven. They said if we could have a gentleman’s agreement that I wouldn’t lure their clients to Lock Haven at a better price, they would allow me to continue my practice here and work for them there.

Jeff spent nearly a year at State College, but the growth of his clinic needed him full-time.

“I made the huge decision to walk away from a generous salary and wonderful health benefits to invest my life in my own business,” said Jeff.

Jeff and Tanya Boone got married in August 2014.

“I do business as Hear the Birds Hearing Aid Center because most patients told me during their week-long follow-up that they could even hear the birds! The name was easy to remember and caught on quickly. widespread. said Jeff. “Even my web page at hearthebirds.com is very easy to remember.”

After eight years of full-time work in his clinic, Jeff has experienced remarkable growth.

“After the wedding, I started on a card table in the corner of Tanya’s Today’s Look hair removal salon in the annex at the side of our house on Church Street. I graduated on a custom desk she made for me in the corner of her lobby, even though our clients were never there at the same time,” said Jeff.

On May 1, 2021, Jeff moved into his office at 306 N. Grove St.

“Patients tease me asking if Tanya fired me! No, but I used more and more the calendar of this shared space. Also, we had four steps to get into the office and my older patients struggled to get in without room for a ramp. I started an office search in March 2021 and opened the North Grove on May 1,” he said.

Jeff says the reaction has been amazing.

“My patients who came to my house never seemed to care, but my appointments have jumped 30% per month since I moved to the Grove Street office. I walk to work every day and back. It’s only an eight-minute ride,” said Jeff. “The office is comfortable, has a small four inch step to get in, and I tease Tanya that I now have a man cave!”

From part-time at a gaming table to thriving in his own office, Jeff reflects on the process that led to his growth.

“I envisioned a business model that professionals said wouldn’t work. I’ve reduced hearing aid prices to half the average regional cost for the same cutting-edge technology, with no charge for follow-up customer service. I’ve worked hard to keep my overhead low, I’m a one man operation and I’m honored to have nearly three thousand patients. Almost every time the phone rings now, it’s a referral. I am so honored to have earned the trust of so many people,” said Jeff.

Jeff Bayliff is state licensed and national board certified in hearing aid science. It serves patients by appointment only at no charge for a comprehensive audiometric hearing test. Jeff’s webpage is www.heartthebirds.com. His office phone number is 570-748-5444. His cell is 570-660-6914.

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306 N. Grove Street

Lock Haven, Pennsylvania 17745

570-748-5444 or 570-660-6914


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