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An eight-year-old hearing aid company in Littleton has moved to a new location that Chris Gulick, owner of Aria Hearing, says will serve customers better.

At 33 Main St. since 2013, Aria has now moved to 9 Elm. St.

“One of the biggest concerns when my customers walked in was parking,” she said. “I take care of elderly people and some of them have mobility problems. We always kept an eye out to see what was available.

The new building is big enough to have a nice waiting room, while the Main Street location really couldn’t accommodate a waiting room, she said.

“And I have a very good office and diagnostic room that are working very well,” said Gulick, who also runs another Aria site in Lebanon. “It makes welcoming people and doing my job a lot easier. “

The company adapts people with hearing aids and offers a number of services.

“I like to think of us as a one stop shop,” Gulick said. “We check your ears to make sure everything is okay, we test you and can fit you with hearing aids. We have three brands – Oticon, Starkey and Signia, which was once Siemens. You can get your supplies here and you can get your batteries here if your hearing aid still takes batteries. I think we are really good with customer service and we will take care of your needs whether it is mild hearing loss or profound hearing loss and that is why we deal with three different brands , with three different manufacturers. I feel like there is a hearing aid for everyone.

For the new location, there is an open house, like a grand opening, and people can make an appointment and have a hearing loss test and be fitted if they need hearing aids. she declared.

“We do free hearing assessments and also do a drawing of a free basket, it can be different canned things to fake, things that are in the area,” Gulick said. “We will have a design for any basket once a week until August 16. We will have one, customers will draw a name from the container, so it’s pretty unbiased.”

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