Hearing Aid Clinic Accepts Nominations for Free Hearing Aids Through Donation of Hearing


As Better Hearing Month approaches in May, Hear Well Be Well Hearing Aid Clinics, in partnership with Beltone Canada, are accepting applications from people who need hearing aids but cannot get them. due to financial constraints or other obstacles.

Through Hear Well Be Well’s Gift of Hearing program, five people in Ontario will be accepted into the program to receive a free hearing test as well as their hearing aids, care and after-sales services, all at no cost.

“As a family owned and operated business, we recognize and live the value of supporting people in our community who might need a helping hand,” said Kathleen Tiede, co-CEO of Hear Well Be Well with her husband, John Tiede. “We have a long history of giving back to our communities locally and abroad, and the Gift of Hearing program is part of that.”

In 2013, John and Kathleen Tiede created the Gift of Hearing program to help those in need of better hearing. Since its inception, many families in southwestern and central Ontario have benefited from their generosity. The latest in hearing aid technology, all related services and professional time are all offered.

Applications are accepted via GiftofHearing.ca or in person at all 13 clinics across Ontario. Individuals and organizations can nominate someone with hearing loss. Applicants must be at least 19 years old and able to come to one of the clinics in person for testing, fitting and care.

“Hearing loss can put a strain on the person who has it and it also has an impact on their relationships with others. It can even affect employment or chances of advancement at work,” Tiede explained. “Not being able to hear conversations can be very isolating. Constantly asking people to repeat themselves or having the TV on so loudly that others in the room flinch affects everyone.

Hearing loss has many causes. Working in a noisy environment is a common culprit. Even less frequent exposure can damage the eardrum or nerve endings. Disease and aging, even earwax, can alter the quality of a person’s hearing.

Applications for the Gift of Hearing program will be accepted until April 30. Selected finalists will be contacted in May to arrange a hearing test.


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