Hearing aid experts in Scotland can change lives

This Fife luthier suffered from hearing loss in his 30s – thanks to the latest technology he has his life back

A professional luthier, whose hearing loss made work difficult, saw his world transformed by state-of-the-art digital hearing aids.

Rory Dowling, now 39, noticed his hereditary hearing loss in his mid-30s, but his NHS diagnosis coincided with lockdown, and limited help was available.

“We don’t skimp on our eyes or our teeth, so I thought why not my ears? I contacted House of Hearing, which was open during this time, and the service was absolutely brilliant.

Rory, owner of Taran Guitars in Anstruther, had noticed that his hearing loss was becoming a major issue in everyday conversation, as well as at work.

“The difference was remarkable from day one. Phillip Page from House of Hearing was excellent, he fitted my hearing aids and set up digital profiles for many scenarios – busy crowds, work room etc. – so that my hearing aids do exactly what I need when I need it. He didn’t just prescribe and adapt them, he made them work perfectly for me.

The biggest transformation for Rory was being able to hear a conversation and his direction, as well as crucial help in building and tuning his guitar. And, he added, hearing the wildlife in his garden again was a delight.

Phillip Page, senior audiologist at the House of Hearing, said people often put off getting their hearing checked for up to 10 years, due to an inappropriate sense of embarrassment or shame. Yet hearing loss can often mask other conditions or exacerbate them, with data from the RNID showing that even mild hearing loss doubles your risk of dementia. Improving hearing also helps people feel less isolated, less vulnerable and reduces the risk of road accidents.

He added: “Aging-decreased or acquired hearing loss often occurs over time, and people may not be aware of a drastic change in themselves or a loved one. However, once diagnosed, good hearing aids can make all the difference. It’s a problem that affects almost a million people in Scotland.

House of Hearing not only has the latest equipment to monitor your hearing health, but also expert staff – with a certified ENT nurse leading the care team and Phillip and a team of senior audiologists who s take care of assessments and equipment.

Phillip added: “As we are truly independent, we always adapt what is best for the client. We don’t just push a brand we’re tied to.

House of Hearing has a large branch in Edinburgh and others in St Andrews, Perth, Galashiels and Glasgow.

Rory said: “I had no doubts about going for hearing aids. It was much more embarrassing to miss conversations around me and keep asking people to repeat themselves, than to wear hearing aids.

House of Hearing can also help with earwax removal, routine hearing care, hearing tests and hearing aid fittings. Their wax removal services at their clinics in Edinburgh and Glasgow are endorsed by Healthcare Improvement Scotland, ensuring that you receive a high standard of clinical care at every visit.

Find out more at www.houseofhearing.co.uk or call 0131 639 0212 to book an appointment with the hearing experts today.


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