Hearing test that has gone viral on TikTok is terrifying internet users – how old are your ears?


A hearing loss age test claiming to tell you how old your ears are is going viral after shocking users of the TikTok app. Created by the CEO of Music Jarred Jermaine and shared by fitness trainer justin agustinthe test worries users.

The test, which you can try for yourself hereplays a high-pitched noise, which gets higher and higher as a number decreases on the screen.

The number on the screen when TikTok users stop hearing the noise is believed to be their hearing age.

Reviewers were shocked at their own results using the app. One wrote, “46 at 15…um, that’s probably not good news.”

Another wrote: “There is no way I am 22 and 38 is silent.”

“Hope this isn’t serious,” wrote another, “I’m 67…I’m 32.

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“When it comes to maintaining relationships and connections with our loved ones and those in our lives, our hearing is an essential part of ensuring that we are fully present and able to participate to the best of our abilities.

“Whether it’s experiencing a life event like a wedding, a funeral, or hearing good news, our hearing plays a vital role in all of these scenarios.

“Hearing allows us to engage, listen, laugh and participate in the world around us.

“But if we have bad hearing, we can feel like we’re missing those special moments.”

What can affect your hearing?

Asa Richard said: “There are a host of things that can affect your hearing, from illness to changes in air pressure and regularly listening to music at high volumes.

“Frequent exposure to sounds over 70 decibels can impact your hearing and cause hearing problems, and over time can lead to hearing loss.

“The louder you listen to music, the faster your hearing will deteriorate.

“Loud noises such as music can damage cells and membranes, which can cause cell death and lead to progressive hearing loss as long as exposure continues.”

How can I protect my hearing?

There are several ways to protect your hearing and reduce the risk of hearing loss.

  • Keep your volume down
  • Do not use cotton swabs in your ears (they can perforate the eardrum and cause permanent damage)
  • Use earplugs in noisy environments
  • Monitor your TV and phone volume
  • Get regular hearing tests and monitor your hearing closely

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