How old are your ears? Find out with this hearing test


I I haven’t had a formal hearing test since elementary school, but I like to think I have pretty good hearing. I rarely wear headphones and clean my ears regularly. And I only listen to music from the stereo occasionally. (I’m sorry, Drake is right not the same at low volume.) Unfortunately, as we get older, hearing ability fades.

According to ASAP Science, your inner ear is not able to regenerate itself like your skin. As you age, continued exposure to loud noises damages and destroys the cells that allow you to hear different frequencies. And the higher frequencies are usually the first to go. A thorough hearing test performed by a qualified audiologist is simple and painless. But this video is fun and can be a clue as to whether you need to get your hearing checked. It starts with playing frequencies that can be heard at any age and moves on to others that you might only be able to hear if you’re under 20 (or have incredibly good hearing).

Pretty wild, eh? Under perfect conditions, the human audio spectrum ranges from 20Hz to 20,000Hz. You can listen to the full range of human hearing to find out what you can and can’t hear. Either way, it’s important to treat your ears gently. Although your hearing will diminish over time, there is no benefit in hastening the inevitable.

Find out if your headphones are permanently damaging your hearing. And here’s what you should do if you think you have too much earwax.


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