Is your hearing good or bad? Test yourself


All India Institute of Speech and Hearing develops user-friendly Android app


By Mohan Kayaka

Mysore / Mysore: In the city All India Institute of Speech and Hearing (AIISH) which has achieved many milestones and excellences in the field of communication disorders and an institute which has carried out exemplary research in the field of communication has achieved another distinction by developing an Android-based mobile application for screening auditory.

This is an end-to-end app where people can screen themselves to test their hearing abilities and also correct them by visiting the speech center closest to their location and these details are also provided in the app. .

Hearing is essential for effective communication and any impairment can disrupt communication and impact academic performance, the workplace, emotional and psychological areas.

Hearing loss can change over time depending on the nature of the hearing loss. Some causes associated with progressive hearing loss include aging, continued exposure to noise without hearing protection, neglected ear infections, etc.

Therefore, early detection of hearing loss is vital for effective intervention. Everyone should check their hearing to make sure hearing loss is detected early. The Android-based mobile application assists people with hearing screening.

The onset of hearing loss is sudden and can occur in either ear. Immediate action should be taken to manage as some types of sudden hearing loss are reversible if immediate treatment is not followed.

Anyone who wants to know whether their hearing is normal or not, can use the AIISH Hearing Screening (AHS) app, which can be downloaded for free from the Google Playstore. It takes less than 5 minutes to administer and can be used by those eight years and older.

The app can be self-administered by Hindi, Kannada and English language users where headphones can be connected to the mobile phone for administration of this app to track each ear separately. The app was developed by a team including Dr P. Manjula, Dr B. Jithin Raj, B. Nagaraju and S. Prashanth.

How the app works

The AHS app presents a set of words (one after the other) with background noise in each ear. The user will have to identify the word by pointing / touching the correct image (among four options) on the mobile screen. Once the screening test is complete, the result will be displayed as “PASS” or “REFER” to nearby hearing centers.

That is, if a hearing loss is detected, the user will be informed of the need for further evaluation at nearby audiological centers to seek further help in these centers.

This application is a suitable tool for knowing the state of hearing since not all people can reach the center with a facility for testing (due to the distance and costs involved). Preliminary screening can be done using this app which will identify people with a hearing problem and refer them to nearby audiological centers for further help.

For its pioneering work and research in speech and communication, AIISH this year won the World Hearing Forum membership certificate under the World Health Organization, standing among a handful Indian institutions that have earned this prestigious membership.

Friendly, says the manager

Speaking to Star of Mysore, AIISH Director Dr M. Pushpavathi said that the AHS app has been developed in a user-friendly and easy-to-use manner. “In the event that a person has hearing problems, the app even identifies the recognized and validated place where they can have their ears tested and find a solution to the hearing problem,” she said.

“We encourage everyone to use the app to detect hearing loss and take action. Further in the app, provision has been made for the link to be shared with others and also includes a link to the AIISH YouTube and Facebook pages where the user can get detailed information about AIISH and the services provided ” , she added.


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