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Jabra Enhance Plus is one of many hearing enhancement products hitting the market with the promise of increasing hearing ability and quality without the high price tag associated with prescription hearing aids. Previously, the only hearing aid alternatives traditionally included bulky portable amplifiers or unimpressive, information-class “hearing aids” with low-quality amplification features.

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With the only truly viable option being audiologist-tuned hearing aids that cost thousands of dollars to purchase, people with hearing loss have become too used to having to choose between being saddled with a huge bill or using products that don’t resolve adequately the problem. problem at hand. Jabra Enhance Plus outpaces the competition by offering hearing impaired consumers an affordable over-the-counter hearing aid that enhances hearing possibilities without completely draining the wallet or sacrificing sound quality or clarity.

About the Jabra Enhance Plus

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These hearing aids from Jabra look like most hearing aids, but are more discreet and fit perfectly in your ear.

Jabra Enhance Plus hearing aids are developed by Jabra, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of headphones, speakers and audio devices. The headphones come in a small, travel-friendly carrying case that can be used to charge hearing aids via USB-C. A USB-C cord is included with the device and provides up to 30 hours of battery life on a single charge.

The Jabra Enhance Plus can be purchased in two colors, dark gray or beige gold, and the earbuds include ear tips in multiple sizes to achieve a snug fit for the best hearing enhancement results. The packaging comes with easy-to-follow instructions for connecting and programming using your Apple phone (not compatible with Android devices).

The Jabra Enhance Plus, according to its website, features quad-mic technology to reduce noise and enhance the sounds of your surroundings without the unnecessary feedback that plagues many budget over-the-counter hearing aids and headphones and hearing aids. improvement in hearing.

What I like about Jabra Enhance Plus

On the left, a person wearing the Jabra Enhance Plus earpiece in their ear.  On the right are two dark gray Jabra Enhance Plus headphones.

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One of the most impressive features was the adaptive Enhance Plus mode, which allowed me to adjust and filter noise as needed.

Ease of use

The Jabra Enhance Plus is easy to set up and even easier to use. The headphones have a simple hearing test, which automatically programs your Jabra device to meet your specific hearing loss threshold. The test takes less than five minutes and when completed, Enhance Plus is ready to use.

To further simplify use, Enhance Plus hearing aids feature three separate sound presets for quick tuning: adaptive mode, focus mode and surround mode. Each setting allows you to respond to specific situations you may find yourself in. Focus mode focuses on sounds coming directly in front of you, while Surround mode emphasizes audio coming from multiple directions. Adaptive mode changes with your environment to specifically improve conversation, especially in noisy environments.

I felt more comfortable with the adaptive mode setting, as its overall benefits meant I didn’t have to constantly reach for my phone to adjust modes during the day. The other two presets work as promised at a basic level, but not well enough that I feel like I’m missing something by not taking advantage of them. Beyond those three basic options, the hearing experience isn’t made complicated by excessive customization tools or controls that require fine-tuning to get exactly what you need.

Quality sound worth the price

The sound quality of Jabra Enhance Plus hearing aids is superb. I have used hearing aids since I was a child for mild to moderate hearing loss. These devices indeed rival prescription hearing aids. While they aren’t perfect, the sound quality is impressive for the $799 price tag.

For example, I usually keep my TV volume at 27-32/100 without hearing aids or hearing enhancement devices. With the Jabra Enhance Plus headphones inserted, I can turn the volume down to 18-21/100 and feel comfortable. I no longer worry about not having subtitles when they are not available for a show or movie I am watching. The sound quality is clear, so I can hear every word being said on the TV.

What I don’t like about Jabra Enhance Plus

Three smartphones display the compatible Jabra phone app.

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Jabra does not offer Android connectivity for Bluetooth or app support, which means some users may miss the full Enhance Plus earbud experience.

Lack of battery

These headphones should be charged daily with constant use. Most hearing aids I’ve used with size 312 or 13 batteries tend to last much longer than a day or two. In the case of the Jabra Enhance Plus, I generally enjoyed between 10 and 30 hours of listening time. I like that the Jabra’s batteries are rechargeable which saves me a lot of money on disposable batteries, however to use Enhance Plus reliably you need to recharge them once or twice a day with use intensive.

No Android support

At the time of writing, the Jabra Enhance Plus app, which includes mode selections, Bluetooth connectivity and hearing test, is not compatible with Android devices. I usually use Android devices, so this omission was a major inconvenience and huge disappointment for me. I hope Jabra finds a way to make Enhance Plus work on Android devices soon.

Should you buy the Jabra Enhance Plus?

Black pair of Jabra Enhance Buds in a charging case.

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Although the Jabra Enhance Buds offer clear and impressive sound, the price is higher than the standard headphones. They are also not accessible to Android users.

Yes, but only if you have an iPhone.

I think the sound-enhancing ability of the Jabra Enhance Plus is very impressive for the price of around $799 for the set. Although significantly more expensive than standard wireless headphones, if you’ve purchased traditional hearing aids before, you’ll probably be happy with this price given that most high-quality hearing aids can cost between $1,200 and $1,600 per hearing aid.

For people with mild to moderate hearing loss, I think you’ll be very pleased with the ability of Jabra Enhance Plus to make conversation sounds crisp and clear without oppressively amplifying nearby sounds or having excessive feedback like others sound enhancement devices that I have tested. Jabra Enhance Plus is a great tool for those who suffer from hearing loss, especially when watching TV or talking in groups.

Where to buy Jabra Enhance Plus hearing aids

It should be noted that while new legislation may bring hearing aids to more over-the-counter retailers as early as October 2022, Jabra Enhance Plus are currently only sold at Jabra Enhance Certified Hearing Centers with trained hearing care professionals, who may or may not be near your location.

As good as this product is, so finding a pair may still be difficult. This will change shortly after the legislation takes effect, as Enhance Plus hearing aids will be sold on Jabra’s website, select Best Buy stores and Amazon. We’ll update this page with new purchase links when they become available.

For now, you can see a list of Jabra Enhance Certified Hearing Centers on the official store locator page.

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