Knoxville’s grandmother’s reimbursement for defective hearing aid delayed


KNOXVILLE, Tennessee (WATE) – A hearing-impaired grandmother struggled to get reimbursement for hearing aids that didn’t match. She returned the hearing aids, but, also, she had been billed twice for them.

A few weeks ago, Frances brought out an old pair of hearing aids. Unfortunately, the one in his right ear didn’t work. The hearing aids she has now are 30 years old and not working well.

“Sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’t,” she said.

She is frustrated because her hearing loss makes it almost impossible for her to speak with someone on the phone. Choosing the right hearing aids can be difficult because they need to fit properly and feel great. If you order a pair online but things go wrong, like they don’t match, it may take a while for you to get results.

Frances says that unlike a lot of people her age, she’s pretty good at computers. Frances, 94, is hard of hearing. She asked us not to use her last name.

In mid-October, she went online and ordered a small, virtually invisible Eargo 5 hearing aid.

“They were supposed to be a highly rated place for hearing aids until I ordered a pair of hearing aids,” she said. “When I received my receipt, I saw that I was billed for two pairs of hearing aids. One for $ 2,650 and one for $ 2,500. “

She said that wasn’t the only problem with the California company, the hearing aids she received were too big.

“They should fit my ears,” Frances said. “But when they got there after the second day, they didn’t fit in my ears. Nothing would shape them.

So she returned them and asked for a refund of $ 5,150.

“When they received the hearing aids, they issued the credit for $ 2,650, which was on my bank statement,” Frances said.

However, a refund was missing for the missing $ 2,500.

“They admitted it,” Frances said. “They emailed me and told me they made a mistake and they were going to credit me, but they never did. I wrote emails. I made phone calls. I think they blocked my calls.

She wondered if the delay was due to a billing error with a certain Jay Guben.

“They billed this person here,” Frances said. “Apparently when I sent my order they mixed me up with this person. They put this person here with my address and my credit card number.

WATE 6 On Your Side emailed Eargo’s California office and they replied, “We confirm that she was mistakenly charged twice. Both charges have now been credited to him. We regret the error.

On Tuesday, Frances visited this local hearing aid company, where she was tested. They were able to adapt him and his new hearing aids should be expected soon.

Over the past few days, there have been more email correspondences between Frances and Eargo. Their company says they want to make sure they’re happy.


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