KRDS India Develops Online Hearing Testing Facebook App for Amplifon


Does a hearing problem make you shy when meeting new people? Then it’s time to get your ears tested. In a unique concept where people can take a hearing test on Facebook, get a personalized report and book an appointment online for further analysis if needed, KRDS India, the social media agency has developed a one-of-a-kind app for Amplifon, one of the world’s largest hearing solution service providers. The Facebook app offers an online hearing test and aims to help people with hearing loss.

Hearing loss is more common than we think. One in twelve (1/12) people in India have a problem with hearing loss. Over 60% of people in their 60s suffer from hearing loss and many would benefit from using a hearing aid.

Describing the solution, Amandeep Singh, Business Head, KRDS India said: “The goal for us was to create an effective social media strategy for Amplifon that can reach India’s 55+ generation, who most often face hearing loss issues.”

I immediately got on the Facebook application on the Amplifon page to test my hearing, which I sometimes suspect to be a little weak. You must “like” the page if you want to take the hearing test. Then you fill in your mobile number while the app extracts other details like name, gender and email.


The test itself is simple but not conclusive by any means. It asks questions that have been prepared by a certified audiologist to better understand the user’s problem and offer the right advice. Once identified, a user can come to the nearest Amplifon care center and schedule an appointment. Thereafter, we receive an email and a phone call from Amplifon, like me.

Questions focus on hearing-related issues, such as: Does a hearing problem frustrate you when talking to family members? ; Do you feel that a hearing problem limits or hinders your personal or social life? ; Does a hearing problem cause you difficulty when visiting friends, relatives or neighbours?, and the answers chosen can be: Yes, No or Sometimes.

It took me a while to explain to the lady at the medical center that I was just testing the app and hope my hearing isn’t that bad. She insisted if I was still interested in having a thorough review of my audition, I can always go ahead. There is a 50% discount on making an appointment at the clinic after taking the test.

The app displays the Hearing Loss Score Transparency Index to better assess where you stand. The index works like this: scores between 10 and 24 mean mild to moderate disability or 20 to 50%, while scores between 26 and 40 mean severe disability or 51 to 100%. Based on the test I took, the app said I had an indicative severe hearing loss of 51%-100% and needed to go to a clinic immediately to prevent further loss. My answers were of course made up!

The Facebook application has activated a Facebook invite button and the link to Amplifon India Twitter Page and YouTube channel. The hearing test app is also shared on its Facebook page with the 9.9K strong fan base.

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For Amplifon, this is a cool Facebook campaign that ties into its business objective. While its social media pages raise awareness of hearing-related issues, the app would ensure people get a hearing test and take other steps in terms of clinic or home appointments. At usual times, people don’t care about their minor hearing problems, the Facebook app solves this problem by making it easier to identify a hearing problem and visit the nearest diagnostic center, while being facebooking!

By keeping the app closed, Amplifon also builds its Facebook community with a relevant fanbase. While it could be argued that Facebook has a majority of young people, I believe that hearing loss affects all ages and furthermore young people would always try to pass the test on their elders.

The campaign is a good mix of awareness and sales. What do you think?


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