LINNER launches LINNER NOVA, an antibacterial hearing aid with unprecedented functionality


Marked as the breakthrough design in hearing aids powered by unique innovation

New York, NY- The highly anticipated LINNER NOVA will be officially released in 2022. This latest Bluetooth hearing aid is designed for people with moderate to severe hearing loss. Unlike conventional hearing aids, LINNER NOVA allows users to easily perform self-adjustment tests at home through the LINNER HA app. With medical grade antibacterial ear tips and built-in UV germicidal light, LINNER has made it a total game changer in the hearing aid industry.

“We are the first in history to have added the concept of antibacterial in product design. At the same time, we have preserved the general functionality of any Bluetooth device such as music listening, hands-free phone calls and even TV streaming,” the company announced.

The use of antibacterial earmolds effectively solves the problem of bacterial infection caused by the increase in temperature and humidity due to the sealed space in the ear canal after wearing hearing aids for a long time. And built-in UV-C lamp sterilization in the charging case ensures the ear tips are clean and spotless every time.

“We tested in an approved lab, our antibacterial ear tips could remove up to 99.93% of bacteria after 24 hours, and UV-C lamps could kill most bacteria within 1 minute,” said Bond, the founder of LINNER.

LINNER NOVA also comes with a wireless adapter that transmits TV sounds directly to the device, creating a cleaner and more immersive TV experience for users. NOVA can also function as a remote microphone by simply placing it where the user wants to hear up to 33 feet away. And the sound will be reproduced in the hearing aids.

Equipped with two high-performance microphones on each side, LINNER NOVA uses a beamforming algorithm that accurately identifies the direction of the target sound and analyzes sound characteristics including frequency, energy and spectrum. Unwanted sounds will be removed while wanted sounds are amplified to ensure users hear the sounds they want.

“New hearing aids have become a trend. The market share of traditional hearing aids has a clear downward trend. Compared with competitors, our products perform better in the main function of hearing aids such as hearing enhancement, feedback suppression and noise reduction. Our team also came up with features that at the same time meet the specific needs of the user’s daily life,” explained Bond.

Designed to be user-friendly, consumers can now perform the self-fit test at home through the LINNER HA app. They will just have to follow the prompts on the page and choose whether they heard the sound or not. The rest of the operation is automatically completed in about 5 minutes. The app then generates an audiogram that visualizes the degree of hearing loss and integrates the results into the device to conclude the fitting process. Additional features include a real-time battery monitor, stereo volume controller, and switch modes that basically cover most everyday consumer usage scenarios.

Founded in California in 2016, LINNER has established its signature technology with over two million LINNER noise canceling headphones sold worldwide. LINNER derives from the word “listener” and the philosophy that LINNER is committed to providing a better hearing experience through innovative technologies such as advanced noise cancellation, directional voice pick-up and beamforming algorithms. User experience has always been the most crucial element in the introduction of LINNER products.


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