Lucid Hearing is ready for the over-the-counter hearing aid market with patented technology devices


Company Applauds FDA Decision Providing Better Accessibility and Lower Costs for Americans Seeking Hearing Health

DALLAS, August 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Lucid Hearing, LLC, a market leader and global provider of advanced hearing technology and audio solutions, commends the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its efforts to provide Americans with expanded access to hearing solutions. The decision as finalized by the FDA on August 17 creates a new over-the-counter (OTC) category that allows hearing aids to be sold online and in-store directly to consumers without the need for a doctor’s visit, audiogram or prescription.

It is estimated that nearly 30 million American adults could benefit from the use of hearing aids. This new OTC ruling, which is expected to take effect in mid-October, applies to certain hearing aids for people age 18 and older who have perceived mild to moderate hearing loss.

“At Lucid Hearing, we are committed to helping people hear better. This move aligns with our mission by encouraging more affordable and accessible hearing aid while ensuring the safety and effectiveness of available hearing aids,” said Jason Kidd, president and chief operating officer of Lucid Hearing. “Thanks to the FDA, hearing care will soon be open to millions of Americans with hearing loss who were previously unserved.”

Lucid Hearing’s OTC hearing aid offerings will be unique due to the company’s scientific and innovative preset programs that cover the vast majority of consumer hearing loss needs. This technology was developed in conjunction with a leading audiology research university and is based on an extensive study of over 90,000 audiograms. The company’s modern hearing aids, powered by unique, patented sound processing technology, are discreet and can include features such as Bluetooth functionality, mobile app control for personalization and high-definition channel count for incredible clarity.

“Lucid Hearing is unique in that we have been researchers and innovators in the field of hearing health for 13 years, and we have been preparing for this decision for some time now,” added Kidd. “We understand the combination of technology and science that is required to ensure products are effective and safe, and we are excited about this FDA decision because now many more Americans will have options and be able to getting help earlier in their hearing loss journey.”

The decision allows the company to expand its portfolio with new OTC products. The devices will be on sale at national partner walk-in retailers at prices well below prescription offers. Lucid Hearing, which employs hundreds of licensed hearing care professionals in more than 500 hearing aid centers across the country, will also continue to offer consumers free hearing tests and a wide range of prescription hearing aids. The company values ​​all of its hearing care professionals who are committed to providing medical evaluations and expert advice to the many Americans who are best served by comprehensive prescription hearing solutions.

Information about Lucid Hearing’s full product line is available at Hearing aids from Lucid Hearing are also available for purchase at and

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Since its inception in 2009, Lucid Hearing’s mission has been to advance hearing care holistically through its family of brands that encompass hearing improvement, enjoyment, protection, detection and well-being. be. The company has helped hundreds of thousands of people across the country hear better with free online and in-store assessments at more than 500 Lucid Hearing clinics. Lucid Hearing’s licensed hearing care professionals provide free hearing tests and prescriptions tailored to a consumer’s specific hearing loss. For more information about Lucid Hearing, visit

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