Mangaluru: Kasturba Medical College donates hearing aid to infants at Lady Goschen Hospital


Press release

Mangaluru, March 7: Dhwani, MAHE-Pai Family Endowment in memory of Suhas Gopal Pai was established in 2019. One of the aims was to screen and rehabilitate hearing impaired infants born at Lady Goschen Government Hospital (LGH), Mangaluru with the support from Kasturba Medical College (KMC), Mangaluru.

Thanks to the endowment, newborn hearing screening and diagnostic facilities have been set up at a cost of around Rs 25 lacs. Around 6,500 newborn babies were screened for hearing loss in 2021 by audiologists from KMC, Mangaluru and DIEC, Government Wenlock Hospital. At a reception at Lady Goschen Hospital on March 5, free hearing aids were distributed to infants diagnosed with severe hearing loss after screening.

A set of hearing aids were given to the parents of an infant by Dr Durga Prasad, Medical Superintendent of LGH, and another by Dr John Ramapuram, Medical Superintendent of KMC Hospital, Attavar. The cost of the hearing aid was covered by GSB Sabha, Nagpur through its administrator Shree Jitendra Nayak (alumnus of Manipal Academy of Higher Education).

In her keynote address, Dr. Suja Sreedharan, ENT Professor and Cochlear Implant Specialist, KMC Mangaluru and Project Coordinator highlighted the integrated efforts and financial outlay in setting up the facilities at LGH.

Dr. Radheesh, Head of Department of Audiology and Speech Therapy, KMC Mangaluru described the activities of the center and the process of rehabilitating identified infants by providing hearing aid and intensive auditory-verbal therapy by speech therapists at the hospital KMC. , Atvar. These children will then receive cochlear implants if indicated and can join the mainstream from early childhood. Cochlear Implant Surgery will also be performed at KMC Hospital, Attavar.

Dr. Nutan Kamath, Professor of Paediatrics, KMC Mangaluru briefed on infants receiving the hearing aid. Dr. Nutan also mentioned that these infants had successfully received treatment from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Lady Goschen Hospital.

Dr. Nutan Kamath also proposed a vote of thanks.


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