Now listen to this: Beltone Jersey Shore hearing aid store new in Stafford


NEW STORE: The sixth of the Beltone Jersey Shore stores, this center offers superior service and a full range of products with the latest technology. Saturdays are reserved for appointments. (Photo by Ryan Morrill)

Beltone Hearing Aid Centers are open in their new office in Manahawkin at 655 Route 72. Owner Joseph D. Rindner, a hearing specialist, says he loves his job “helping people stay connected by offering superior service and the best hearing aids available”.

Rindner started in the business in 1986 with a small store in West Long Branch, and now Beltone Jersey Shore Hearing Aid Specialists is adding Manahawkin as a sixth store in Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex counties. The Beltone Company has been a leading provider of hearing care for over 80 years.

For people who find it difficult to keep up with the conversations of loved ones or who miss good times with their friends, the selection of hearing solutions is more advanced than ever.

“We have a full line of hearing aids of all types – battery-powered and rechargeable – and the very latest technology,” Rindner introduced.

The website is a showcase of available hearing products, if customers want to see them before entering the store.

For a few examples, the Beltone Imagine “distinguishes background noise from speech” and “filters the sound before it reaches your brain, making it easier to focus on the conversation”. The new Beltone Amaze product “provides clearer, richer sound compared to most modern hearing aids”. It features CrossLink directionality to adapt to every hearing situation.

The Beltone Micro Invisa Smart Gain Pro features micro digital sound processing technology that analyzes the environment and helps the wearer reduce background noise.

There is a special music mode in the Beltone Micro-Invisa, designed to “give you excellent distinction between tones, notes and sounds of different frequencies”.

Beltone’s custom hearing aids are molded to fit users’ unique ear canals for all-day comfort, according to company literature. “With sound that adapts to every situation, the custom hearing aids are suitable for people with active lifestyles as they are weather and sweat resistant and nano-coated inside and out for a continuous wear and easy cleaning,” the company adds.

“Users will be able to connect more easily to life with hands-free phone and FaceTime calling for iPhone and iPad* at the touch of a button. They can also easily stream music and take calls from Android™ smartphones directly to the ears. Plus, users get up to 24 hours of quality sound on a single charge, so they can feel confident joining any conversation throughout the day.

When customers walk in, the first thing professionals do is make sure there are no earwax blockages. A full hearing test may follow if necessary. If there are no medical issues, then hearing amplification choices can go ahead.

“We have two physicians, audiologists, who work for the company, and three hearing aid distributors licensed by the state board to distribute hearing aids,” Rindner detailed.

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“There is never a charge for exams,” he said. Additionally, for services, “we accept all insurance that covers hearing aids, including Medicaid.” The office helps with paperwork for the Elderly and Disabled Pharmacy Assistance Program.

The office is open five days a week, as well as Saturdays by appointment. Indeed, Saturdays in store are reserved for appointments only. Appointments can be made online for a free hearing test, free earwax exam and free hearing aid cleaning.

“We never charge for service or testing, and we can service all hearing aids. We deal with 15 different companies and are able to repair all fitted hearing aids professionally,” said Rindner.

Beltone President Mike Halloran said the company strives to “provide the highest quality care to our patients in need of a hearing aid”. He said, “We are proud that our innovative hearing aids, our services and the expert care of our hearing care professionals and patient care coordinators are able to improve the quality of life of consumers nationwide.

Beltone received the “Best in Hearing Care” award on Newsweek’s list of America’s Best Retailers 2022. The prestigious award is bestowed by Newsweek and Statista Inc., a leading global statistics portal and industry ranking provider .

The store is directly off Garden State Parkway Exit 63, eastbound on Route 72. The phone is 609-270-0444.

— Maria Scandal

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