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“Online hearing tests are not recommended for people who already wear a hearing aid or use any type of hearing aid.”

Just one week away from Audiology Awareness Month, many hearing specialists are offering a free hearing test and hearing assessment as part of an office visit. However, states that for many, the reluctance to admit a hearing problem keeps people away from the doctor’s office.

For those who need more evidence before calling an audiologist for an appointment, an online hearing test can help pave the way for the acceptance and treatment of a hearing loss or other problem. auditory, including tinnitus.

A complete online hearing test typically consists of three parts: answering a few short ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions, setting the online test for volume, and then a short audio test where tones are played at different frequencies. Most online hearing tests require the user to wear headphones, but some allow the use of computer speakers. Online hearing tests are not recommended for people who already wear a hearing aid or use any type of hearing aid.

Online hearing tests are not meant to be a substitute for a comprehensive hearing assessment with an audiologist or hearing care professional, but they can provide a fairly accurate initial diagnosis for someone with symptoms of hearing loss.

Another online tool that can be helpful to family members who suspect a loved one has hearing loss is a hearing loss simulator. Family members hear normal speech in particular listening situations, and then the simulator demonstrates varying degrees of hearing loss, allowing them to feel the hearing difficulties of their loved one. invites everyone to take a simple online hearing test or use an online hearing loss simulator as part of Audiology Awareness Month in October, and follow up with a hearing care professional whether the treatment for the hearing loss is in order.

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