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Opening of a hearing aid house in Denpasar. photo

The innovative service facility of Hearing Aid Home is now available in the city of Denpasar, to be precise in the Disability Services Center building in the city of Denpasar.

This collaborative and innovative service between the Bali Humanity Care Foundation with Denpasar City Social Service and the Australian Consulate General’s Direct Aid Program aims to provide affordable ear, nose and throat health services people with disabilities and the general public from low-income households. in Bali, especially in Denpasar.

According to the head of social welfare activities of the city of Denpasar, Ny. Sagung Antari Jaya Negara, there are still a lot of public health issues that have not been properly managed during the pandemic. This is especially true for residents of Denpasar who are at risk of being poor or experiencing economic vulnerability and who are included in the need for social protection services.

In addition, many people suffer from hearing loss, which also affects infants and school children.

Seeing this condition, the Denpasar City Government in collaboration with Denpasar City Social Welfare Coordinator, Bali Humanity Care Foundation and the Australian Embassy set up a program of welfare services. ear, nose and throat health for people with disabilities and the general public of low-income homes at Denpasar City Disability Services Center for free”, said Jaya Negara.

With the hearing aid program, it is hoped that the people of Bali and Denpasar, in particular, can benefit from hearing health, especially children and primary and middle school students.

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