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OrCam is expanding its product line with new devices that tackle new use cases. OrCam’s best-known device is the OrCam MyEye 2 – a small device for the visually impaired that you attach to your glasses to help you navigate the world around you.

At CES, OrCam announced that the MyEye 2 is getting new features. In addition to being able to point to text and signs to read text aloud, recognize faces and identify objects and banknotes, you will be able to let yourself be guided by the device.

For example, you can say “what’s in front of me?” and the device could tell you that there is a door. You can then ask to be guided to that door. The MyEye 2 also improves in natural language processing for interactive reading sessions.

When it comes to new devices, OrCam is expanding to hearing impairments with OrCam Hear. It can be particularly useful in noisy rooms. The device helps you identify and isolate a speaker’s voice so that you can follow a conversation even in a public space. You pair it with your existing Bluetooth hearing aids.

Finally, OrCam introduces OrCam Read, a portable AI reader. This time you don’t attach a camera to your glasses, you take the device in your hand and point it at the text. The company says it could be especially helpful for people with reading difficulties due to dyslexia.

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