Philips 2021 TVs to offer sound personalization and hearing test


Philips has announced that most of its European 2021 Android TV lineup will feature Mimi sound personalization technology.

Mimi Sound Personalization allows viewers to modify their TV sound to suit their individual needs. Users can take a short hearing test – on an iOS or Android device – to create a “Hearing ID” profile, which is then synced to the TV using a QR code.

With this information, the volumes of the different frequencies are adapted to help compensate for the hearing abilities of each individual. You can also deactivate the function using “Guest Mode”.

The loss of the ability to hear high-pitched sounds is a common feature of aging, especially for those who work in noisy workplaces, but the way we perceive sounds, from spatial location, to frequencies we think being the most dominant, is unique to each person.

Mimi’s software uses a processing algorithm to examine over 100 parameters that contribute to how you hear audio, assessing psychoacoustic factors such as the lowest intensity sound you can detect and your ability to process silent “masked” sounds when noise is present.

Mimi sound customization was previously available on Loewe TVs and headphones from manufacturers such as Beyerdynamic, Kygo Xellence and Bragi. Philips included the technology on models in mainland China last year, but this is the first time they will bring it to European customers.

The Phillips 2021 TV lines to offer Mimi sound customization include the 8506, 9006, 9206, 9506, OLED706 and OLED806 and OLED856, which will be available from early May.


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