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Does everything seem extraordinarily noisy? Maybe a migraine is setting in.

The link between migraines and the auditory system has often been overlooked. But new research at Missouri State University is making a big splash.

Dr. Wafaa Kaf, audiology teacher, collaborates with Dr. Paul Durhameminent professor of biology and director of Center for Biomedical and Life Sciencesto learn more about the link between migraines and hearing loss.

Thanks to funding from the provostship, the multidisciplinary team acquired sophisticated equipment to complete the research on laboratory animals.

“We record responses to sound from the auditory nerve and auditory structures in their brains while the animals are under anesthesia,” Kaf said. “They showed hearing loss due to sleep deprivation, which means they could have acute hearing loss.

“With the advancement of procedures for chronic migraine, hearing deteriorates further.”

From this study, Kaf and Durham hope to provide the data needed to develop therapies.

Check out a recent interview with Durham

Migraines researched for study

Kayleigh Putnam and Marli Sims, third-year audiology students, are recruiting participants for a parallel research project with the help of Clinvest, a research organization.

Students will assess hearing during an initial visit with participants, when they are migraine free.

Then, when a migraine episode occurs, participants go to the clinic for a second test.

“We monitor changes in their hearing and inner ear condition,” Putnam said. “We’re also looking to see if they’re sensitive to sounds.”

To volunteer for the MSU Migraine Study, contact Clinvest at 417-883-7889. Participants will receive a $100 Amazon gift card.

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