Signia expands its retail presence and opens its first store for the hearing impaired in Delhi


Signia, a leader in the hearing aid industry, has announced the launch of ‘Brilliant Sound Galaxy (BSG)’, the first-of-its-kind interactive concept store in the capital Delhi, where consumers can self-discover certain aspects of hearing, self-screen their hearing, live hear live with hearing aids and make an informed decision to improve their hearing journey.

According to WHO estimates in India, approximately 63 million people suffer from significant hearing loss; this places the estimated prevalence at 6.3% in the Indian population.

The Brilliant Sound Galaxy is an interpretation of modern hearing care that provides comprehensive quality hearing care solutions for the hearing impaired. BSG is a whole new interactive concept with hearing experiences, iconic innovations, products and services and expert audiological advice all under one roof.

“Hearing loss is the most common sensory deficit in humans today. There is a stigma associated with hearing loss that is well known. Many factors contribute to stigma, but perhaps the most important is that we don’t talk about it enough. Untreated hearing loss has social, physical and psychological consequences. With the launch of BSG, we aim to deliver a youthful and inclusive experience that reframes assumptions about hearing aids and empowers consumers to make their own decision. Here, clinical services become an active journey that takes hearing aids beyond simple devices. said Chupin.

“India has one of the largest populations of people with hearing loss. India lacks infrastructure and accessibility for hearing care. We are committed to closing this gap by raising awareness, developing infrastructure and expanding accessibility to bring the best of technology and innovation to address this issue. We are excited to launch BSG in Delhi and will soon be expanding our concept stores to multiple cities in India,” said Pawar.

The first Brilliant Sound Galaxy store in Delhi will be operated by Ear Solutions Pvt. Ltd, offers a wide range of services to its consumers including hearing assessment, hearing aid consultation, speech therapy services and after sales support. Currently, Ear Solutions has over 75 centers in over 20 cities, with experienced audiologists.


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