Soundwave launches self-adjusting hearing aid


OAK BROOK — Soundwave Hearing on Wednesday launched its new hearing aid and mobile app, which supports self-adjusting hearing aid technology.

Sontro Hearing Aids, Model AI, are wireless, self-programming hearing aids that have been developed to amplify sound for people 18 years of age or older with mild to moderate hearing loss.

By combining the power of cell phones and artificial intelligence technology, Soundwave has created a smart hearing aid that is simple, affordable and convenient, the company said.

Sontro hearing aids connect via Bluetooth to the otoTune phone app, which administers a clinically validated hearing test to identify the user’s hearing threshold and listening needs. Once the three-minute test is complete, users can seamlessly adjust volume, frequency tones, and listening modes right on the otoTune app.

The new Sontro hearing aids will be sold directly on for $999, which is 75% less than most conventional brands, Soundwave said.

“By leveraging the ease and accessibility of the mobile phone in your pocket, we offer cutting-edge and stylish hearing solutions, allowing consumers to set up, personalize and adjust their hearing in comfort and privacy. home,” said Anthony Florek. , co-founder and president of Soundwave Hearing LLC.


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