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Do you have trouble understanding dialogue while watching television? Are the conversations more like mumbling than anything else? Do you ever feel distracted in a noisy environment? If the answers are all yes, there are only two options to consider, 1) ignore it until it gets worse or 2) act now. Obviously, our editorial team is dedicated to nipping the egg. Since hearing is such an integral part of life, especially for those who have experienced it and only notice differences today, we researched cost-effective solutions available on the market.

The one that stood out to us is called SoundWise Aria. The following review will clarify what SoundWise Aria is, its function and the possible influence it can have on one’s life.

What is SoundWise Aria?

SoundWise Aria is a revolutionary hearing aid designed to reduce tinnitus and let everyone hear the sounds they’re used to. According to co-founder Kriss Berg, SoundWise Aria should not be confused with amplifiers, i.e. devices developed to pick up and amplify sound. Instead, it’s asking everyone to see it as a smart hearing aid that amplifies what you want to hear while reducing background noise. Taking everything into consideration, the next step is to assess its driving force(s), which in turn will provide insight into the usefulness of SoundWise Aria.

How does SoundWise Aria reduce tinnitus?

For people unfamiliar with the condition, tinnitus is defined as constant ringing, buzzing, and clicking. Although researchers are still unsure of what causes the disease, they claimed that everyone has some version of it. Medical professionals continue to recommend minor adjustments known to limit the effect of tinnitus on mental and emotional health and productivity levels; however, our research suggests that porting SoundWise Aria is a justifiable approach.

Why? First, it was designed to improve external sound quality. The idea here is that less attention is paid to the internal sounds caused by tinnitus focusing more on the external sounds. Second, on-board technology can retrain the brainuse tinnitus habituation. Habituation is a process by which the brain eventually stops putting pressure on itself to recognize and monitor every piece of information. A source [1] presented the following example to highlight the nature of addiction and how everyone practices it without knowing it:

“Imagine you have a new clock. At first you can’t help but hear it ticking, but you find you’re not aware of it after a while. Other people hearing your new clock for the first time notice how loud it is, but you’ve gotten used to it – you’re no longer aware of it, your brain has decided to stop watching its ticking because it is constant, meaningless and non-threatening.

Ultimately, SoundWise Aria’s microphone receives the sound and converts it into a digital signal. Then the amplifier increases the levels and filters out background noise and wind. Finally, the receiver sends these sounds into the ear.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Why choose SoundWise Aria?

A. Because SoundWise Aria was developed with two functions in mind, manufacturers insist that the following reasons are appropriate for using their hearing aids:

Q. What are the features of SoundWise Aria?

A. As of this writing, SoundWise Aria is renowned for its:

  • Rechargeable nature, so batteries are not required
  • Micro-design, ensuring units are hidden at first glance
  • Digital sound processing and noise reduction for a comforting experience
  • Additional puller for effortless placement and removal of aids
  • Unhindered nature, allowing people wearing glasses, face masks or oxygen tubes to enjoy the sounds.

Q. How do I get started with SoundWise Aria?

A. First, the units must be loaded. Then individuals are instructed to turn them on and place the correct ear dome based on the size of the ear. Once measured and selected, simply insert them into the ears.

Q. What does every purchase of SoundWise Aria include?

A. Each SoundWise Aria comes with two Aria hearing aids, charging case and lanyard, a selection of 5 ear domes for custom sizing, volume adjustment tool, cleaning tool and SoundWise user manual .

Q. Do customers need a prescription to purchase SoundWise Aria?

A. No, it is allegedly legal to buy hearing aids over the counter. This decision was made by the FDA [2]. To date, the organization has proposed placing a maximum volume limit to prevent overamplification injuries.

Q. How do I know that SoundWise Aria will work for my hearing loss condition?

A. To assess whether SoundWise Aria is applicable on a case-by-case basis, the team has since developed a survey that asks a series of questions and performs a sound test. To try this test, click here.

Q. Is SoundWise Aria protected by a money-back guarantee?

A. Yes, SoundWise Aria is backed by a one-year money-back guarantee. If something is wrong with the hearing aid and the problem cannot be resolved via chat, the team is ready to replace it at no additional cost.

How much does SoundWise Aria cost?

Initially priced at $1,399, a pair of SoundWise Aria can now be purchased from the official website, where the company offers three options:

  • One Pair Aria Soundwise $499.00 Free Shipping
  • Buy one pair get half a second pair $749.00 Free Shipping
  • Buy a Soundwise hearing aid kit and make three payments of $185.00 Free shipping

Consumers can purchase an extended warranty for free replacement of two hearing aids and includes free shipping for up to one year after purchase for an additional $97.00 at checkout.

Contact customer service by sending an email to:

Meet the SoundWise team

Kriss Berg co-founded SoundWise with Dr. F. Kent Nunally, MD, FACS, and Dr. Victoria Taylor, AuD, CCC-A. Such a journey took shape when Kriss noticed two things, 1) a sharp drop in his father’s hearing, where the latter couldn’t even hear the former from an inch away, and 2) the upward trend costs (starting at $5,000). Kriss’ frustration led him to embark on a mission that promotes hearing at affordable prices.

Ear, nose and throat (ENT South) specialists Dr. Nunnally and Dr. Victoria Taylor were engaged. The duo’s expertise was imperative for Kriss to learn about telecoils, decibels, feedback, compression, and noise reduction, among other hearing-relevant factors. While he had a vision, he needed support to make it a reality. Speaking of specialists, here’s a quick rundown of what they bring to the table:

Dr. F. Kent Nunnally:

  • Earned his medical degree at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (1987)
  • Completed training in otolaryngology (1992)
  • Has served patients in the Wiregrass area for nearly 25 years

Dr. Victoria Taylor:

  • Clinical audiologist certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
  • Accredited by the Board of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology of Alabama and Florida
  • Earned his clinical doctorate in audiology at the University of South Alabama
  • Joined ENT South as a Hearing Specialist (2019)

final verdict

From the analysis above, it should be obvious that SoundWise Aria was designed to help people suffering from some form of tinnitus or hearing loss. These hearing aids take into account the quality of external sounds and habituation to tinnitus so that minor details are not prioritized. What attracted us to the SoundWise brand is the medical expertise, accumulating nearly 50 years, which has been validated. That alone is enough to convince interested parties, not to mention its simplistic design that isn’t heavy or catchy, its rechargeable nature, and its affordable price.

How can you overlook the one-year replacement warranty and an option to make payments and the money-back guarantee? The latter is a rare event and you have to take advantage of it! First and foremost, individuals are encouraged to assess their hearing health. Hearing amplifiers and hearing aids serve different purposes; therefore, a professional must hold conversations. Of course, there’s also the option to do your due diligence or take the SoundWise quiz.

Learn more about SoundWise Aria here>>>.

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