Tank talks about his sudden and unexpected hearing loss


Tank recently visited the “Tamron Hall Showand spoke about his sudden diagnosis of sensory neural hearing loss in 2021, which left him deaf in his right ear.

I thought I had swimmer’s ear for, like, a few days, and, you know, one day I come back from the gym, and the ground just started shaking, and I literally fell through a CVS window.

Luckily the hotel is only a block away, so I arrive at my hotel and think “something is wrong”.

I think maybe the blood isn’t flowing the right way, you know, I’ll be cool.

I am in good condition. I am in good shape.

It turned into a kind of tinnitus where it just started sounding like a transistor radio, it all sounded like it was going through a walkie-talkie, and it just progressed from there.

Tank said he was on his last day of filming around this time, but he was afraid to get on the plane home because he felt like he had an “infection. sinuses mixed with a bunch of other stuff that you probably don’t have”. want to get on the plane with.

his good friend Turkish took him to his doctor in Silver Springs, Maryland, where he was mildly diagnosed with mild nerve damage.

The doctor felt it might be a temporary eardrum problem and prescribed prednisone and another vertigo medication.

At that time, Tank said he immediately felt dizzy and lost his hearing in both ears.

When he returned to Los Angeles, he was completely losing hearing in his right ear and his left ear was going.

As his condition became more extreme, he started having hyperbaric chambers and he started having injections in his eardrum.

His Prednisone subscription went from low levels to 60 milligrams a day.

Tank said the Prednisone was hurting his body, and the doctors told him there was no cure for what he had, so they prescribed him meds based on what they thought would work. help because they didn’t know what was causing his condition.

Well, there’s no cure, so what they think would help, you know what I mean, because there’s no cause.

I was like, ‘How did this happen?… We don’t know how it happened.’

They don’t know, and therefore there is no remedy.

There, like we’re gonna throw this stuff in there and see what happens, and finally my doctor was like, ‘Man, I’m just gonna, we’re gonna get all this stuff out before it hurts you any more.’

At this point, I’m completely out of it. I am completely depressed and I think it was the first time in my life that I was depressed mentally, spiritually and physically at the same time.

Tank described the loss of his hearing as the test of his life, and he said his recovery and return to singing and performing began physically with him getting back into shape and relearning how to process and play music. music with one ear.

Watch Tank’s interview on the “Tamron Hall Spectacle“below:

Watch Tank perform “Can’t Let It Show” from his new and latest album R&B Moneyon the “Tamron Hall Spectacle“below:

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