The Alfreton clinic offers appointments for hearing tests

Hearing patients remains a priority despite the recent national confinement.

Stephen Toon Hearing Care at Alfreton High Street is open for hearing testing, earwax removal and counseling, and fitting all hearing aids on the market.

The independent practice, led by husband and wife Stephen and Kate Toon, also provides excellent follow-up for its large loyal client base.

“We have a number of security measures in place during the lockdown that remain in place now,” says Stephen. “Our clinic has large, ventilated rooms and we wear full personal protective equipment.

“We have a one-person inside, one-person outside policy, which means you won’t come into contact with anyone else during your visit; we’re just asking that people arrive at the exact time of their appointment with us to reduce overlap between patients.

“We even have our own private parking lot so you can travel safely directly from your home to our clinic. “

During your appointment, the spacious consultation rooms allow you to maintain a distance as far as possible, apart from hearing tests. Each room is fully cleaned between appointments using a high-tech electrolytic water disinfectant used in hospitals, as well as a 100% alcoholic spray.

At the start of the appointment, you will discuss your hearing and the issues you are having, as well as factors that may contribute to hearing loss, such as health issues or noise exposure. After an exam, Stephen will perform a hearing test with a series of different tones that cover the different sounds of speech, such as vowels and consonants, and draw a graph from your answers. Then, depending on the results, you may be offered a demonstration of different hearing aids.

Stephen, who worked for many years at a leading hearing care provider in Oxford before returning to Derbyshire to open his own practice, is keen to reassure patients that their hearing remains his priority despite the recent lockdown national.

“We take all possible measures to reduce the risk and keep our service as safe as possible, so that we can always provide the best hearing care to residents of Derbyshire,” he adds.

“With two of us working, people can expect to get an appointment quite quickly and we can also do house calls by appointment for those who are housebound.”

To book your free hearing assessment today and benefit from the expertise of a local independent hearing care professional, call 01773 687060 or visit to find out more.

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