The Delta Record | The Hearing Aid Place now serves Buckhannon


BUCKHANNON — The Hearing Aid Place, located at 106 South Kanawha Street, is open for business and is the only full-service hearing aid clinic in the immediate area that operates full-time. The location is certainly special as it also previously served as a hearing aid clinic in the past. Learn more about the desktop and all they have to offer by reading below.

Ryan Summerfield is a Certified Hearing Aid Specialist or LHIS. Summerfield has been working in this particular area for about 15 years. Summerfield shared that the same place where he opened his practice was previously a family hearing aid practice he worked for. “The small family practice ended up selling, and then I worked for a corporation,” Summerfield said. However, given the history of the place, Summerfield then decided to open his own practice there as well. Nettie Allen is a Patient Care Coordinator and also has 15 years of experience in the field. That said, the recently opened The Hearing Aid Place has a combined 30 years of experience providing a variety of hearing aid services to patients.

Summerfield said, “As an independent provider, I am able to work with all manufacturers, which gives our patients more options. Summerfield is excited about the openness and being able to serve the community. “We will work with you and your insurance company to ensure that you receive exactly what you need and are able to fully enjoy all of your insurance benefits. We are committed to helping you comfortably hear your Our full-time, full-service hearing aid clinic will provide hearing testing for all hearing levels, hearing aids, earmolds, hearing aid accessories, custom fittings, and programming and Hearing Aid Repair,” as quoted on their web page which can be viewed by visiting

Another aspect mentioned by Summerfield is that he can visit nursing homes and patient homes when patients are considered housebound. This is a huge benefit for anyone who has difficulty leaving home to go to appointments. Summerfield noted that the office accepts most insurance plans and also offers payment plans through CareCredit. “CareCredit is like a medical credit card. Application fees are waived for those who need to see if they qualify, but I really want people to know that we have prices for all budgets.

The Hearing Aid Place is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Hearing Aid Place can be contacted by calling (304) 439-2700, visiting their webpage at, or emailing [email protected]


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