The first symptoms of hearing loss to watch out for – expert warning


The number of hard of hearing Britons is expected to rise from 12 million today to 14.2 million by 2035. If people tell you your TV is too loud or you have trouble paying attention to conversations in public places, you might feel the first symptoms of hearing loss. Here are the signs to look out for and how to test your hearing.

You might assume that you would be the first to notice a change in your hearing quality, but that’s not always the case.

Franki Oliver, Audiology Advisor at the Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID), explains how people may not notice their hearing loss early on.

Franki said: “Unfortunately, research shows that it takes an average of 10 years for people to act on their hearing loss: they may not notice the signs, they may not know what to do about it, or they may be afraid of hearing loss. admit their hearing isn’t what it was.

“Hearing loss can happen gradually, you might not notice it at first.

“You might have a harder time hearing low sounds or higher frequencies, but you can compensate for this by turning on the TV or asking people to repeat themselves. “

Over 40 percent of UK adults over 50 have hearing loss and over 70 percent of those over 70.

So what are the signs that you are losing your hearing?

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What activities increase your risk of hearing loss?

Although many of the factors that cause hearing loss are due to genetics, there are certain risk factors that can increase the likelihood of your hearing loss.

Franki said: “There are multiple causes of hearing loss including age, exposure to noise, certain medications, genetics, viruses, bacterial infections and earwax.

“The second leading cause of hearing loss after aging is noise exposure, which is also the most preventable cause. “

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You should also make sure to keep an eye on the power of your music in your headphones.

Franki said: “If you’re listening to music through headphones, it’s really important that you don’t go over the safe volume limit on your device – it normally appears yellow or red when you turn up the volume.

“If you use headphones in a noisy environment (eg on public transport) it may be worth investing in some with noise canceling technology.

“This means you won’t turn up the volume to an unsafe level to try to mask out background noise.

“Again, it’s a good idea to take regular breaks, for example if you’re listening to music for an hour, take a five-minute break.”


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