The Simple ‘Three Minute’ Home Test to Help Diagnose Hearing Loss


Appearing withdrawn or silent
People who are hard of hearing often become calmer or may seem to withdraw in social situations or noisy environments. This may be because the person is frustrated that they cannot hear properly, or because they feel self-conscious or embarrassed about having to ask others to repeat themselves.

Exhaustion after socializing
While it’s normal to feel a bit tired after a long day of reuniting with family or friends, if you or a loved one are feeling totally drained and exhausted after talking with others, there could be more just need a good night’s sleep. .

Ogden goes on to explain that when a person isn’t able to hear all the sounds of speech, the brain has to work harder to fill in the gaps to help it make sense of what people are saying. To do this requires a lot of extra concentration and forces the brain to work even harder to process what is happening, which leads to fatigue.

Treating hearing loss can not only improve the health of the person who suffers from it, but also that of those around them, which has an extremely positive effect on their social relationships and love life. That’s why if you recognize any number of these signs in yourself or a loved one, it’s time to seek professional audiologist help.


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