TruHearing survey finds hard of hearing difficulties with phone and video calls underestimated


DRAPER, Utah, November 4, 2021 / PRNewswire / – As remote working continues to be a prevalent standard, difficulties in communicating over the phone and during video calls have taken on new importance, but many employees may underestimate the difficulty that a loss untreated hearing can create in these situations. According to a new research study 1 By TruHearing, the market leader in hearing aids, 77% of employees who wear hearing aids agree they find phone and video calls easier to follow and capture more of the discussion now that they wear hearing aids, but only 45% initially identified it as a challenge they faced when working before wearing hearing aids.

“What our investigation reveals is a scenario in which people tend to explain their hearing loss until they feel the difference wearing hearing aids makes in their daily interactions,” said Patty greene, Director of Supplier Engagement, TruHearing. “Particularly when there are excuses such as poor connection quality and bandwidth, it’s easy to ignore untreated hearing loss as a potential culprit.”

According to the TruHearing survey, additional benefits at work that employees have noticed after wearing hearing aids include:

  • They participate more and understand conversations better (79%)
  • They feel more collaborative and are more likely to work effectively and efficiently in a team environment (64%)
  • They maintain their concentration more easily and concentrate on the task at hand (63%)

Despite the benefits that hearing aids can provide to employees with untreated hearing loss, it takes an average of six years for individuals to move from hearing loss recognition to management.2

“Most people don’t realize how common hearing loss is among the working age population, when in fact 60% of people with hearing loss are under 65.3“said Greene.” Employers can help employees think about their hearing earlier by recommending regular online hearing tests to see if a more in-depth examination is needed, and by providing financial support through hearing benefits to reduce costs as a barrier to treatment. ”

TruHearing’s Online Hearing Tester, powered by SHOEBOX Online, creates a fast, free and easy way for employees to check their hearing whenever and wherever they want. In a 2019 industry study, nearly 1,000 patients listed hearing test results as their primary driver for further care.4

TruHearing makes hearing health affordable and accessible, which improves communication, collaboration and efficiency in the workplace.

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1Online survey conducted by TruHearing with 270 salaried consumers within its database of members and requesting members in May 2021.

2MarkeTrak 10. Baseline report. Hearing Industries Association, 2019.

3Summary Health Statistics for American Adults: National Health Survey, 2012

4Carr, Kate. “20Q: Consumer Insights on Hearing Aids, PSAPs, Over-the-Counter Devices, and more from MarkeTrak 10. AudiologyOnline, item 26648 (March 16, 2020). Retrieved from

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