What is conductive hearing loss? Loose Women star Kaye Adams’ medical diagnosis explored ahead of Strictly Come Dancing 2022


Scottish TV presenter and journalist Kaye Adams shared in July this year that she had been diagnosed with conductive hearing loss in her right ear. The 59 year old loose women presenter currently hosts the morning show on BBC Radio Scotland.

He was recommended to have hearing aids for both ears since his left ear was trying to compensate for the hearing loss in his right ear.

Talk to The sun about his problems, Kaye said:

“My hearing is an issue, as I’ve had extensive consultations and exams on my ears. It’s probably getting to the stage where it becomes problematic in certain situations.”

She will now be seen performing in the popular BBC dance competition Come dance strictly from September 23, 2022.

What is conductive hearing loss? Symptoms and Treatment Explained

The human ear is divided into outer, middle and inner parts. Conductive hearing loss is a hearing problem that occurs when sound cannot pass through the outer and middle parts of the ear, thus not reaching the innermost part for the patient to hear. A person with conductive hearing loss cannot hear soft sounds and loud sounds, which may seem muffled to them.

This blockage can be due to fluid in the ear, an ear infection (medically known as otitis), benign tumors, or sometimes even excess earwax.

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Symptoms of the same can sometimes be subtle but can get worse over time. Some of the most common symptoms are dizziness, ears feeling full, fluid coming from the ear, hearing loss, and ear pain.

Doctors can diagnose the same through a physical exam and tests like a Rinne hearing test or a Weber hearing test. They often remove obstructions or give antifungal medications to people with conductive hearing loss. In extreme cases of the problem, doctors may perform surgery or give patients special hearing aids.

Kaye Adams said she was in disbelief after her shocking diagnosis. During the ITV broadcast, the loose women The star revealed that she suffered from hearing loss and the problem was terrifying for her.

She visited a doctor for the segment, which was filmed in July, who revealed she had to wear hearing aids in both ears. While his hearing deterioration in his left ear was natural, his hearing loss in his right ear was due to conductive hearing loss.

She said:

“For about five years, maybe more, I was aware that I was struggling, but you just make excuses.”

Adams also said she had issues with the issue. She further added that she had become a permanent joke for her children who had to repeat the same things over and over again for her. She then commented:

“Although you laugh about it, it’s now starting to get to me because, I think, I’m really missing things and I don’t want to be a permanent joke.”

Kaye Adams announced she had conductive hearing loss on an ITV show (Images via kayeadamsofficial/Instagram Stories))
Kaye Adams announced she had conductive hearing loss on an ITV show (Images via kayeadamsofficial/Instagram Stories))

However, she got the hearing aid which became a necessity for her condition. She shared photos of her new hearing aid via her Instagram Stories in July with the caption:

“Now you see it… Now you don’t see it anymore!!”

She also thanked the doctor for his “easy and painless” consultation and diagnosis of conductive hearing loss.

Tune in to the BBC on Friday, September 23, 2022 at 7 p.m. ET to follow Kaye’s journey on Come dance strictly.

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