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Hearing loss or partial deafness is the inability to listen to sounds. Although many do not say it, many people suffer from this problem. But it is essential to identify these people so that the appropriate care can be provided to them. Determine hearing impairment disability, it is crucial to identify the telltale signs. Symptoms can range from mild to moderate to severe.

A person who is mildly deaf may have difficulty hearing sounds if there is a lot of background noise. A person with moderate hearing problems, on the other hand, may need a hearing aid to better understand. Those with a higher level of hearing problems may have to rely on lip reading or other forms of communication to talk to others, or even understand what is being said.

Types of hearing loss

Hearing impairments are conditions that can be treated with proper diagnosis. It is important to know the different types of hearing loss so that you can ask for help when needed.

Mixed hearing loss

It happens when an infection damages both the eardrums and the ossicles. In a serious situation, surgery may be necessary to restore hearing.

Sensorineural hearing impairment

It is a dysfunction of the inner ear, the auditory nerve or the cochlea. This hearing loss results from damaged sensory cells or hair cells in the cochlea.

Transmission hearing loss

This condition occurs when vibrations do not pass from the outer ear to the inner ear, mainly through the cochlea. Such a situation can occur due to excessive accumulation of earwax, a perforated eardrum and dysfunction of the ossicles.

Causes of hearing loss

There are several causes that can lead to hearing impairment handicap. Some of them are:

  • Mumps
  • Varicella
  • Syphilis
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Certain types of cancer
  • Lyme disease
  • Treatment of tuberculosis


Once the problem has been identified, it is advisable to follow it up with some form of diagnosis to understand the extent of the problem. Based on the results, a treatment protocol can be created.

Audiometer test

A seasoned audiologist performs these tests. The patient should wear headphones and he is advised to listen to the words and sounds directed to each ear.

Application hearing

Nowadays, there are apps that allow an individual to examine themselves. These apps can be used quickly after downloading them to any mobile device.

Screening test

This is a traditional method where a doctor can use whisper tests to determine the level of hearing loss in patients. The patient is forced to cover one ear and listen to words and sounds through the other. However, the accuracy of these tests is quite limited.

Tuning fork test

Tuning forks are metal instruments with two projections. Each time these two fork heads are struck, they produce a special sound. Simple tests performed using tuning forks help the doctor understand the patient’s level of hearing loss. These tests are ideal for identifying the exact position of ear lesions.

Physical examination

This form of diagnosis is the most common. The doctor closely examines the ear to find any possible cause of hearing loss, such as inflammation or a build-up of earwax. In addition, the structural causes of hearing loss are also examined.


Cochlear implants

If the hearing loss is severe and the patient cannot benefit from conventional hearing aids, cochlear implants are opted for. While hearing aids amplify sound and channel it through the ear canal, cochlear implants directly reach the hearing nerve.


If there are abnormalities in the structure of the eardrums or bones like the ossicles, surgery may be a way to correct this problem. If fluid forms in the ear, doctors may insert tubes to extract this fluid from the ears through surgery.

Earwax removal

Being the most common cause of hearing loss, earwax is often removed by trained professionals to improve hearing. The doctor may use a small suction tube or a small tool with a loop at the end to perform the earwax cleaning procedure.

Hearing aids

Often times, hearing loss can be due to damage to the inner ear. In such cases, a hearing aid is used to solve the problem.


Prevention is better than cure. With this in mind, the following practices can prevent hearing loss.

  • Set the TV or music system to low volume. This is especially true for children as their hearing is more likely to suffer from excessive noise.
  • If working in a noisy environment like workshops, factories, nightclubs, pubs, wearing earmuffs is essential.
  • Use cotton swabs and cotton swabs with care.

Hearing loss is just another disease. Getting it processed on time can save a person a lot of trouble.

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