Whisper’s AI-powered hearing aid system makes its way to Android


As technology and AI continue to advance in consumer products such as smartphones and televisions, this growth spills over into other areas, such as medical devices, as well. Whisper is one such product. The Whisper Hearing System is a hearing aid that uses AI to improve itself over time. Now the company added support for multiple Android devices for the first time.

The Whisper hearing system is much more than your regular hearing aid. The system includes the Whisper Brains, a small AI device that fits in your pocket and uses what it hears to optimize sound transmission to the system’s earbuds. With smartphone-like processors, the Whisper Brain AI is more than able to use the device’s sound cancellation engine to deliver optimal audio at all times.

Another part of the Whisper Hearing System is the integration of the system’s smartphone. Smartphones help provide regular system updates that improve the overall performance of the system as it learns over time, but these updates were previously only available on iPhone. But everything has changed now.

The company has started its integration into the Android ecosystem with several popular devices. From now on, the Whisper hearing system is available on Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy Note10, Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 4. This new support will bring Whisper’s regular software updates to millions more people. .

The Whisper hearing system is available at no upfront cost. For $ 139 per month, you have access to the entire Whisper system, including the Brain, Earpieces and smartphone app. You also get free and regular software updates as the system’s AI improves, along with ongoing care from a hearing care professional.

Whisper seeks to take hearing aids to the next level, with its innovative AI and regular improvements through software updates. This Android integration is just the next step in raising the bar for hearing solutions.

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