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When we experience a sudden change in life or encounter an unexpected obstacle on the road, it can be difficult to feel comfortable or to review our quality of life as the same. But it’s the caring people in our lives who support us and provide solutions that uplift us and make us feel whole again. Hearing loss is one of those roadblocks, and whether planned or unexpected, it can be frightening and overwhelming. But hearing loss is completely normal and affects many people across the country, so it’s nothing to be ashamed of. And it certainly shouldn’t affect your quality of life.

The caring professionals of Georgia Hearing Aid Factory Store are here to help restore your hearing and peace of mind. For years, the family business has been guided by two founding missions: to offer a lifetime of free, state-of-the-art services to each patient and to be available seven days a week. These two commitments already set them apart in the industry. , but they are also renowned for their exceptional customer service and making every patient feel at home.

With locations in Athens, Dawsonville and Kennesaw, Georgia Hearing Aid Factory Outlet aims to remain accessible and available for its patients. Whether you are considering a free hearing test on a Tuesday afternoon, want routine cleaning on a Friday morning or need urgent service repair on Sunday afternoons, their qualified specialists are ready to meet your needs. And the icing on the cake? These services are free for all patients! The point of sale offers highest quality hearing aids from industry-leading manufacturers like Starkey and Signia, but at factory direct prices. With so many options, features and personalized services available, the certified professionals at Georgia Hearing Aid Factory Outlet are happy to guide you on your hearing health journey!

If you or a loved one suffers from some form of hearing loss and are wondering if hearing aids are right for you, Georgia Hearing Aid Factory Outlet offers free testing options to give you an overview. Take a simple online hearing test on their website you only need a pair of headphones! Or for a more in-depth evaluation, book a free hearing test in office here. Can’t you leave the house? Call 706-525-9907 and inquire about their home testing options.

During your hearing test, you can rest assured that the specialists at Georgia Hearing Aid Factory Outlet will treat you with the utmost care and respect and find the option that best suits you and your lifestyle. They use a variety of in-office methods such as pure tone audiometry, speech recognition, tympanometry or tuning fork tests, in addition to a discussion of your medical history and a physical exam to look for issues such as as earwax or polyps. Georgia Hearing Aid Factory Outlet’s certified professionals are trained to meet the state’s stringent testing requirements as well as their high standards.

Georgia Hearing Aid Factory Outlet offers a wide range of products such as hearing aids and hearing aids from leading brands like Starkey and Signia at affordable prices. Their premium hearing aids feature unique features like 24 hour wear, waterproof, rechargeable batteries, phone app compatibility, drop detection and even language translation.

With hundreds of five-star reviews, quick financing options, and drop-in hospitality, Georgia Hearing Aid Factory Outlet aims to make your hearing health journey as accessible, comfortable, and rewarding as possible. Schedule a meeting today try them online hearing test or contact them via the contact details below!

Georgia Hearing Aid Factory Store

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3700 Atlanta Highway # 61

Athens, Georgia 30606

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800 GA-400 # 525

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