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People living with untreated hearing loss could experience accelerated cognitive decline, social isolation, and symptoms of depression – all of which could be improved with hearing aid use. Links are emerging between hearing loss and other general health problems, including heart problems, diabetes, certain cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, and the use of different drugs such as strong antibiotics. Depression associated with isolation has also been associated with untreated hearing loss. This means that people should seek treatment sooner if they notice a change in their hearing. On average, it takes someone seven years to do something about hearing loss. Usually our hearing gradually decreases – we start to lose our hearing naturally from around the age of 50. turn on the television and implement other coping strategies, but often the problem is with them and can be identified with a visit to their GP. The most common reasons for hearing loss vary from being related to age; family or hereditary reasons; a virus; fluid in the middle ear or as simple as a buildup of wax. Usually, if there is a problem in the middle ear space, it can be treated medically or surgically by a general practitioner or an ear, nose, and throat specialist. For example, it could be an infection or fluid in the middle ear, or an inherited condition called otosclerosis where one of the bones in the middle ear fuses together and stops vibrating. Hearing aids are useful for neuronal hearing loss, where the brain has trouble converting the information it receives from your ear anatomy into information that you recognize as sound. No hearing aid will restore hearing to normal, but generally 100% of hearing range (or volume) can be achieved with the correct hearing aid. Getting a hearing aid stimulates this hearing nerve, keeps it active, keeps it healthy, and keeps your brain active. Research shows that hearing aids prevent cognitive decline. Research has shown that the sooner you do something about hearing loss ie. seeking medical treatment or hearing aids the better. Hearing loss becomes a struggle throughout the day which leads to fatigue. People start to avoid situations and activities because they cannot understand what is being said and therefore may feel isolated. If you wear a hearing aid or hang out with someone who does, try these listening tips: 995.



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